What do you get when you take a wooly, outgrown sweater and roll it up in various ways? An Earmuff Hat! No more hats that don't cover your ears! No more earmuffs over short hats! With the Earmuff Hat, earmuffs are built in! You don't have to worry about outgrowing the earmuff hat--just adjust the hat by tucking in more fabric into the earmuffs! For a fashionable flare, try varying your pallette of sweaters. I used a black sweater with a fur-lined collar for one of my Earmuff Hats!

  • Wooly sweater (experiment with different types of sweaters for unique effects!)
  • Your handy dandy hands!

Step 1: Roll Up the Sleeves!

Picture of Roll Up the Sleeves!
Flatten the sweater out on a large surface. Starting at the bottom, tightly roll up each sleeve. Keep rolling until you get to the shoulder.
bajablue2 years ago
Clever YOU!!!!
neil17012 years ago
A great idea,i suppose you could use a kids jumper to roll up for a kids hat....
Thats funny it makes you look like princess Lea from star wars
That was my thought exactly. I'm going to find a brown sweater at the thrift store for this!
capricorn2 years ago
Smart smart smart. I love this.

Two high thumbs up for you M'Lady :)
So cute and so easy. Thanks for sharing!
bwandino2 years ago
Cute and pretty smart
seamster2 years ago
Ha! When I went swimming as kid we used to roll up our towels to wear on our heads, and it looked just like this! We called it Princess Leia Towel Head.

Your hats look great. Good use of an old sweater!
eeeeeee! How cute. :D Super useful, too!
Jessie Marie (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you!! :)