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Introduction: Earring Holder

Tired of fishing out your earrings in a bowl or loosing the backs off of them?
I have the solution for you. I will show you a cheap way to display your earrings and keep them semi organized.

Step 1: Grease Splatter

First you need a grease splatter. You can find this at many dollar stores or Wal-mart. All you have to do is bend the handle back so that the splatter stands up. I added some cardboard on my handle to make it a little more sturdy. You can just cut out 2 pieces of cardboard and then tape them together around the handle.

Step 2: Add Decorations

I didn't do this to mine, but I made one for my roomate and added ribbon accross the splatter and glued it to the back. You can poke your earrings through the ribbon as well.

Step 3: Add Your Earrings

Now you can add your earrings and you are finished. I have a lot of big heavy earrings so to keep the splatter from tipping over I add a few books on top of the handle.



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     This is fabulous- and everybody elses ideas rock as well.

    I think another thing you could do for stabalization i stickthe handle in a dollar store vase or flower pot or something filled with plaster of paris. three in a row would look like big earring flowers!
    I love this.
    can't wait to get to the dollar store.

    Here's my end result, except in a hanging version because I have lots of wall space but limited counter space.

    I used an old splatter screen (no problems with earrings not fitting into the mesh, except for one pair that is particularly thick), an 8"x10" photo frame, and some small nails for hoop earrings on the top and pendants on the side.

    I just cut the splatter screen to fit and wedged it into the frame without any staples or anything. Haven't had any problems with the earrings tugging at the screen when I remove them.

    I left my grandmother and grandfather's wedding picture in the frame as a pretty backdrop, although it is actually just an ink jet printout. I would not recommend using a valued photograph that cannot be replaced because the earrings do scratch at the picture each time you hang them.

    Here are links to larger images:

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    I totally love this, still haven't had time to make my stand. My earrings are now sitting in a chocolate bowl!!

    I love all the ideas I have seen so far. I am getting spoilt for choice. Which one do I make, I may try all as I have loads of earrings, maybe even make one for a friend. Well done to everyone & thanks for sharing, you don't know how happy you have made me. No more looking for earrings!!

    I can't thank you enough for this perfect solution. Like scmtngirl, I have mine hanging. I ran a small tie through the handle, creating a larger loop and then hung them on a post already on the wall. Yes - the dollar type store happily had what I needed in the way of splatter screens. I have put only stud type earrings in the spatter screen, because my HUGE supply of hook earrings are on an inverted wire basket which is attached to the wall.


    This is great. My friend made me a similar one with an old frame and a piece or mesh screen. Staple screen to frame and and you have a earring holder. I like yours even more....it gives a better place for hoop earrings!

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    I made an earring keeper by stapling a sheet of that plastic mesh that they sell for needlepoint projects onto an old wooden frame,. The plastic mesh has slightly larger holes than metal screen. One more idea -- I attached a bunch of cup holder hooks around the edges of the front of the frame. The hooks are great for hanging hoops and necklaces and even watches.

    if no wall space one could hang from ceiling with plant hook, being careful where it is hanging so you doing walk into it, which would definitely be a startling thing to do. May then also serve as room intruder alert if hung near door. They step in : wham! dozens of pointy earring backs in the face, they yell YOUCH and you know you are not alone. I just couldn't resist.:D

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    Nice... I like that. I also like the idea of the window screen. I've seen that before. I just like being able to get behind the grease splatter to take the earrings out. Otherwise if a screen is hung on the wall it's a little harder.

    A person can use this idea with an old aluminum window screen from storm door or window, and hang on wall. For a 'square' look. Or buy some metal window screen, tape ends with plastic tape, for a good earring holder. Good instructable using a kitchen gadget for nonkitchen use. Simple and very useable.

    Great idea. I had no clue about the contest. How do I add this to Sew Useful? I already signed up at Etsy... now what?

    You'll need to add it to the Etsy group, and list the item on Etsy with the tag "sew helpful" Full instructions are on the contest page.

    Good idea! Recently I've been wondering what to do with my earrings, I've been hanging them on my cd rack. I think I'll definitely make this, but I'll just hang it on the wall with the hole in the handle to save more space. Btw, Dollarama has these for sure!

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    yeah, that would work too. I'm the opposite, I just don't have the wall space:)