Earring Organizer Rack




Introduction: Earring Organizer Rack

My wife has an earring problem.  I can relate to this - I have a Hawaiian shirt problem.  So to help her with her problem (a few trays filled with a mishmash of earrings, where she has to search to find a matching set) I cut her a set of earring racks/organizers to mount on the inside of her bathroom cabinet doors.

The racks were cut out of 1/8" clear acrylic using the laser cutter at tech shop.  I am providing the CorelDraw file so you can make your own.  Her racks are roughly 18 x 6.75 inches - feel free to tweak the design.  She likes dangly earrings, so the rows are a little over 2 inches apart.

The acrylic mounts on the inside of a panel door.  That means that the rails on the outside of the door hold a panel at the center of the door - and the space is just enough to allow the earring hooks to hang between the acrylic and the wood.  The rack on the other door (not shown) holds stud earrings and earrings with "captive" backs.  They need a little more room, so I also provide spacers in the acrylic design.

Mounted everything to the door using 4 x 1/2" wood screws - the holes are pre-cut by the laser, so mounting is a breeze.



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