Picture of Earring Tree
I have tried to find a decent earring tree for my daughter this Christmas, but could not find any that she would like. So I decided to make my own for her. I had some left over Sintra from my samurai costume that i made, so I decided to use that material. (the costume is on here!)  I did not take as many pictures as I like because I forgot to take them at certain steps, but you will get the idea.
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Step 1: Rough Cut

Picture of Rough Cut
At first, i had to come up with an image that I could use to trace the pattern onto the Sintra. Once I found the image, I printed it our and traced it onto the plastic. I used my handy dremel to do a rough cut around the figure. The picture quality was not that good, but you get the idea.

Step 2: Finer detail and sanding

Picture of Finer detail and sanding
After I had it rough cut, I used the dremel sander to further shape and smooth the outer edges. The part that i forgot to take a picture with was cutting out the mirror center that the lady is near. You can see it in the final picture where the screen is inserted.

Step 3: Base and angle piece

Picture of Base and angle piece
I did not get pictures of the base, but I did a few diagrams to show how I did it. I cut 3 identical pieces to make the base of the earring holder.  I had a couple HUGE washers that were heavy enough to give it some weight. I did not want an earring tree that would fall over easy! Sintra happens to also be a thermoplastic. So I was able to heat a strip in boiling water and form it to an angle. this angled piece would connect the base to the earring tree.

So I apologize for not having the actual pics, but i tried to accommodate with my mad MSPAINT skillz!

Great idea. I'm going to make one with a hand rather than the person. That way I can store some rings also.
jrossetti5 years ago
using a wire screen like that is a great idea.  I think I'll follow your instructable to build one for my wife.