A simple way to display earrings.

Step 1: Materials

A picture frame, decorative aluminum grating, hot glue gun and glue, wood scraps, ruler, pen, picture hanger.

Step 2: Adjusted the Frame

Added some scraps of wood to make the frame sit further from the wall, used the hot glue

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Took the cardboard out of the frame and used it as a template to cut the grate. I used heavy shears but kitchen shears would have worked.

Step 4: Glue It

Glued all around the back to keep it from falling out or moving.

Step 5: Added a Hanger

Selected a hanger, measured to find the center, hammered it on.

Step 6: Hung on Some Earrings

Would have looked better if I had painted the grating but this one is as you see it.
<p>Is the grate made of wood? Is it something that is sold at places like Lowe's or Home Depot? If not where would one find a grate like this?</p>
<p>It is aluminum, Home Depot calls it: </p><a href="http://www.homedepot.com/p/MD-Building-Products-1-ft-x-2-ft-Satin-Nick-Elliptical-Aluminum-Sheet-57010/202525465" rel="nofollow">MD Building Products 1 ft. x 2 ft. Satin Nick Elliptical Aluminum Sheet</a><p>I couldn't find it at my local Lowes but the Home Depot had it, I am sure it could be found at better hardware stores. I chose this pattern as it looked like I could hang stud earrings on it. There are other patterns that I liked but at the cost I only bought one sheet. It was much easier to cut than I thought it would be.</p>
<p>Thanks for the info! I think the grate needs to be added to the list of materials in step 1. </p>
<p>Thanks, I skipped it in the materials, fixed now. </p>

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