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Here is a simple device you can build to remove stud type earrings that have become difficult to remove. I invented this device out of necessity when both my daughters had their ears pierced and a slight infection in the earlobe warranted temporarily removing of the earrings to help cope with the pain. It is simple to make and is most effective. You will need a bolt, a wing nut, and 2 staples or something equivalent to be used as hooks. Note: I used 2 staples as it was readily available and if used with caution, should not pose a risk.

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Step 1: Build

Picture of Build
Simply drill a small hole at each wing end of the wing nut large enough to accomodate a small hook. I used 2 staples for my hooks.
Slip the hooks in to the wing nut and screw the wing nut into the machine bolt. Make a dent at the end of the bolt in the middle.
I drilled my dent though you tapping a nail into it should work.

Step 2: Remove earrings

Picture of Remove earrings
To remove the stud type earring, you want to unscrew the bolt enough such that you can slip both hooks (staples) into the loops part of the earring. Then slowly start screwing in the bolt until the tip of the stud falls into the dent of the bolt.
Now simply continue to screw the bolt clockwise while holding the wing nut steady and you will efectively be pulling back the loops off of the earring without placing any stress on the earlobes. You will find that even the most stubborn earring will come off effortlessly.
rres21 year ago
For months we have tried to remove my daughter's earrings. Then we made this tool and they came out in seconds. @carlitos, thank you for making this instructable available. My daughter cried tears of joy when they came off with no pain at all.
carlitos (author)  rres21 year ago
That is great! Thanks for sharing.
abstracted3 years ago
Definitely my hero for today. Good job. Impressed.
jpnagle593 years ago
carlitos, Bravo ! Bravo ! Salute ! This shows you care for your children. No parent want's to see their children hurting. As a parent I feel the same. I would go back to the piercing place and give 'em heck for their sanitary procedures. More to the point, you should find the capital, or go around to the piercing stores and mall Kiosk'ds and sell this device. Please find the capital, patent this, make it out of surgical steel, and invite me over for a bar-be-que when you make your 1st million. I do believe you have a winner here....Jamie
bigmark3 years ago
I had to use 2 needle nose pliers to take out my first earing.....i was 16 & had an allergic reaction to the cheep starter earing.hurt like hell !!! live&
0jack3 years ago
This is really clever. You'd be surprised how often parents have to remove infected earrings if their kids are getting it done at the mall. (As a parent, you don't always get a choice about where your kid pierces his/herself.) And, yes, sometimes it's best to pull the earring—you just have to be prepared to deal with that.

With your knack for being clever, you'd be better off to pierce the kids' ears yourself with the proper needles and jewelry. I expect you'd probably come up with something to pop the needle in and guide it. :)

A piercing shop uses a wide bore needle as used in IVs and injections which cuts a C-shape out of the flesh as it passes through and also holds the end of the jewelry so it all goes in at once. It's effective and relatively painless, as opposed to a piercing gun which shoots a blunt stud through the flesh.

otomoton4 years ago
Very clever! A lot like a gear puller or VCR head puller.
carlitos (author)  otomoton4 years ago
Exactly right! I have a gear puller too and sure is handy for removing that crankshaft pulley.
dataphool4 years ago
I'm torn between brilliant and elegant to describe this 'ible. I would say that you could use a couple of nails (brads) instead of staples. I don't use staples anymore. I think I'll try it.
carlitos (author)  dataphool4 years ago
Thank you sir. Brads should do the trick. Be careful you don't poke someone.
carpfluff4 years ago
I would be scared to put something like that near my ear.
a7xforlife6 years ago
That's awesome! I could have used one of those a few times. If only it could work on hoop earrings. I've gotten a few of those stuck before.
This is interesting.
ac1D6 years ago
this could be patentable, and it would work. no?
I could've used this last month.... but this is awesome.
zawmintu7 years ago
wow, must have been a genius to just think of this immediately when you needed to remove those ear rings. have you ever considered the medical enginerring profression? your future inventions for the medical world would be amazing....
carlitos (author)  zawmintu7 years ago
I've probably just watched one too many episodes of MacGyver. Thanks.
Probably not something I will ever need, but an extremely inventive solution to a problem. A great instructable. I noticed that some of the boxes on the photos weren't lined up with the areas they were supposed to be explaining though.
carlitos (author)  TrainingTime7 years ago
Funny.. I never thought I'd need one either. Thanks for the comments.
ryemonkey7 years ago
Although being pierced with a gun at a kiosk somewhere is a bad move. It's an even worse move to remove jewelry from an infected ear. The hole is very likely to close up and seal the infection in making things that much worse. Nicely constructed tool from what was around though.
carlitos (author)  ryemonkey7 years ago
I'm told it should not be removed but what I think made it worse is it was put on too tight initially.
theRIAA7 years ago
how did you drill holes into the nut and bolt?! a dremel, and vice?
carlitos (author)  theRIAA7 years ago
Used a drill press on the nut and a hand drill on the bolt. 1/16" deep is good on the bolt.