Introduction: Earrings From Clay With Lace

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I created earrings from clay and embellished

them with lace and colors.

Step 1: Materials

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- air-drying ceramic modelling clay, 15 grams (for both);

- two pieces of lace for embellishment;

- scissors and a cutting blade for the clay;

- paper for creating a small template, similar with the shape of lace;

- acrylic colors;

- liquid silicone for bonding.

Step 2: Forming the Earrings

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- I formed each piece of clay according to the paper template;

- I used drops of water for repair some small cracks, due to the modeling operation;

- I slightly pressed the lace on each ear ring making an impress, for better bonding;

- on the top of the lace I made a small hole for the attachment;

- I let them dry for 24 hours on a napkin.

Step 3: Adorning the Earrings

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- after 24 hours, I painted the surface of the clay with acrylic shiny copper;

- I put the lace on the impress, bonding it with liquid silicone;

- after drying ( ~1/2 half hour), I painted the small surfaces inside the lace

using different colors: red, blue, green, grey, orange.

Step 4: Ear Rings Attachements

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- the final step is installing the accessories for the earrings:

rings trough holes, earring hooks and safety rubber stoppers.

And now my earrings from clay are ready!


Suzana 1 (author)2016-10-17

Thank you! I liked the combination, even the lace is fragile. But when is bonded

they make a nice pair!

Have a nice day!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-16

Nice. I really like the outlining effect that the lace gives it.

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