Earrings From Scrap





Introduction: Earrings From Scrap

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Material Required:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Round Nose Tip Pliers
  • Chain
  • One Pair of Earring Hooks
  • Design Squares (These metal squares were salvaged from an old belt)

Step 1: Glue It Up Together...

Take one of the squares and apply a small amount of hot glue on the inner side to attach the chain. Finally using more glue attach another square to close it up.

Step 2: Repeat...

Now repeat the previous step, but this time keep the length of the chain a little smaller than earlier.

Connect the two pieces to a earring hook using a jump ring.

Step 3: Voila......

Repeat the last two steps to complete the pair and voila you have a great pair of earring ready!!!



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    Oh my can't even begin to explain how amazing this is !!!

    These turned out looking great! My girlfriend looses those studs off yer boots all the time.

    Amazing! ??