Step 2: Extraction!

Ok! Grab one of your floppy disks, remove the metal sliding clip from the outside, and split the whole thing open with your fingers (or use the pliers if you're a bit of a weakling or bite your nails).

Once open, take the metal center out of that black shiny disk that stored all of your sweet old school data. Repeat with the other floppy, then discard the extra parts or save them for another project.
They look really nice and interesting! I'm gonna make some for myself! Thanks!
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i really like these. *i just recently bought myself a pair of earrings simply cuz the wings looked cool and i made a steampunk pin thingy out of it.* so i conveniantly had a pair of earring wires.<br/>i made a pair similar to these and i plan on giving them to my girlfriend for a weekend gift.<br/>thanks for the instructable<br/>
Just a minor linguistic note: "concaves out" - that would be "convexes", 'cos "concaves" means "goes in". If it comes out then it convexes.
Of couse! How embarrassing. Thanks.
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very creative

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