Picture of Earth Day Sun Hat School Project
A fun hat for a cool Southern Girl built with time and love by daddy and daughter.
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Step 1: Why We Did This

This project started when my daughter brought home a flier for a Earth Day contest at her school. One of the events was to make your own hat out of recycled materials. My daughter said "daddy I want to take part in this and I want you to help me make this as complicated as you can for a simple school contest...." She may not have said it exactly like that but that is how I took it.

Step 2: What You Need

- Newspapers
- Flour
- Water
- Scissors
- Masking tape
- Old T-shirts
- Two Coke cans(from the South and Pepsi is - - Coke in the event anyone wants to argue)
- Acrylic paint
- Paintbrushes
- Dremel or drill
- Flower templates
- Sharpie
- A cool partner in build like my girlie

Step 3: Making The Paper Mache

First off no pics for this. I found lots of recipes and I liked this page:


I completely ignored all recipes and just added water and flour until it looked runny and messy.

My daughter used scissors to cut the newspapers into long one inch strips, the websperts say to just tear the strips for better blends, but she wanted straight lines so she went with the scissors.

Step 4: The Frame

Picture of The Frame
14, 7:33 PM.jpg
Since we were shooting from the hip on this project we felt measurements would be overly cumbersome so to make the frame we eyeballed it.

We started by taking a bowl and placing it upside down on a pizza pan. We tried to center it as best as possible and then used some masking tape to hold it in place. To make the frame a little smoother and to prevent the project from sticking we covered the frame with aluminum foil.

nidanterry (author) 1 year ago
Why thank you tringirl. I had a pretty good builder by my side.
tringirl1 year ago
Wow this is amazing!!!