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Here are some Earth Cake Pops I made for Earth Day, April 22nd. Complete with "molten core."

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
This tutorial basically follows my other cake pop recipes 
You will need:
White chocolate candy melts
White cake mix
Chocolate cake mix
Eggs(Cage-Free), Oil, Water
Lollipop sticks
Blue and Green Gel Food Coloring (for using in candy melts)
Yellow and Red regular food coloring.
White nonpareils 

Bungoy6012 years ago
Wow, this is epic!
That is an awesome idea! Tasty double layers :D
aw I really like this! Yes always be aware of what you're doing to the earth. Be a good steward of what God has created & given us!
thanks for this beautiful instructable!