Here are some Earth Cake Pops I made for Earth Day, April 22nd. Complete with "molten core."

Step 1: Ingredients

This tutorial basically follows my other cake pop recipes 
You will need:
White chocolate candy melts
White cake mix
Chocolate cake mix
Eggs(Cage-Free), Oil, Water
Lollipop sticks
Blue and Green Gel Food Coloring (for using in candy melts)
Yellow and Red regular food coloring.
White nonpareils 

Wow, this is epic!
<p>You're right, Bungoy601 It is just epic!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>You're right, Bungoy601 It is just epic!!!!!!!!</p>
That is an awesome idea! Tasty double layers :D
aw I really like this! Yes always be aware of what you're doing to the earth. Be a good steward of what God has created &amp; given us! <br>thanks for this beautiful instructable!

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Bio: I like making little treats and pretty much doing anything crafty. I want to learn new techniques and share how I do what I do.
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