Introduction: Earthquake Warning Device....!!!.

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Hello Makers....
All of you might be aware about the earthquake the struck Nepal a week ago.... I too felt that....It was scary.....
Then I thought of making a device that could detect an earthquake and sound an alarm..So what else could do the job except a MINI COMPUTER OR AN ARDUINO
So roll up your sleeves and get started...
Though its a bit costly....but what costs more than life....

Step 1: Materials

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1. A breadboard...(Large or small)

2. Tilt switch

3. Piezo buzzer

4. Arduino with jumper cables

5. 1k ohm resistor
6. A computer/laptop to load program to arduino

Step 2: Building the Life Saver

Picture of Building the Life Saver

Follow the schematic , make all connections and then load the following program on arduino
Copy after this------>
#define BUZZER_PIN 10
#define MAX 100
int tiltValue = 0;
int previousTiltValue = 0;
int valueThreshold = 5;
int timeThreshold = 2 ;
int time = 0;

void setup()

void loop()
tiltValue = analogRead(TILT_SWITCH_PIN);
if(abs(tiltValue - previousTiltValue) >= valueThreshold)
time = time + 1;
if(time >= timeThreshold)
analogWrite(BUZZER_PIN, MAX);
previousTiltValue = tiltValue;

void reset()
time = 0;
previousTiltValue = 0;
analogWrite(BUZZER_PIN, 0);

Step 3: Finally Solder Everything

once you test that the device is working...solder everything.....


Saiyam (author)2015-05-16

There have been earthquakes coming recently in the place I live and this can be quite useful in such case. If you are from northern India, you would felt that as well. Isn't it?

rshacker86 (author)Saiyam2015-05-17

yes brother...i m from shimla and i tooo felt them....terrreffffying.....they were

selp (author)2015-05-02

it's too late when the sensor is triggerd ...

rshacker86 (author)selp2015-05-02

yep buddy i know that its a bit late....but a big quake is usally accompanied by smaller quakes it might be just used as a soon as you hear the buzzer....shoot out of your house...
Good Luck

rshacker86 (author)rshacker862015-05-02

please vote if ypu like it

Kiteman (author)2015-05-02

"What's that buzzing noise?"


"That buzzing noise, what is it?"

"Buzzing noise? I can't hear any buzzing over the noise of collapsing buildings!"


rshacker86 (author)Kiteman2015-05-02

I understand but you can amplify the sound of the buzzer using a paper cup..
just place the buzzer into it and fix it with a glue gun...but be sure not to spoil the buzzer with glue

rshacker86 (author)rshacker862015-05-02

and ya
Good Luck
Please vote if you like it

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