Easel Pockets!





Introduction: Easel Pockets!

Annoyed by having to go into your pencil case every time you want to switch pencils, or get an eraser? Well look no further, I have the easy to make and practically free way to have your things at easy reach using household items.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Recommended/Necessary items are: Some Strong Paper or Construction Paper Scissors Colored Pencils or Markers or Crayons Tape

Step 2: Cutting the Pocket

Make Sure To Cut The Paper Big Enough. Why'd I capitalize every letter, I don't know. Cut the paper in a shape pretty close to the one pictured.

Step 3: Color! (Optional)

Unless you used colored paper or want your pocket white, now is the time to color your pocket however you want. I did it all one color because I was in a rush.

Step 4: Tape.

Now is the sometimes frustrating-but not always part. You want to fold the pocket in half, and tape the two ends that meet together. You also want to run the tape on the bottom so your things don't fall out :)

Step 5: Tape Part Two.

Yay! More tape! So now this part is simple, you just tape it onto whatever and your DONE!



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