Step 3: Map Out the Fret Buttons

Use the continuity setting on your voltmeter to map out which wires go to which fret. Removing the top of the fret helps greatly, as you can also follow the fretboards PC traces. One wire will be a common ground (different colored), and the rest will correspond to each fret.
Will this work on a PS2 controller? Except with different parts...
In theory, yes. <br>however, if the game you're trying to play does NOT support using a normal game controller, then you're screwed
Thank you heaps for this great instructable. I was just about to give up on fixing/adapting a broken guitar hero controller after a massive rage at it and this pretty much saved it so thanks. =)
Where exactly do you solder the wire onto the controller buttons? I have an xbox s-type controller which is slightly different but the soldering should be the same. I am just wondering if I solder anywhere on the button itself or in the tiny hole beside the button (the hole connected to the gridline coming from the button. Any help would be great. Thank you
if you have bought a toy guitar like this, it should have wires already connected to the fret buttons. all you have to do is solder the fret wires to the corresponding buttons on the gamepad
I know this is a random question but, how do you hook your computer up into your TV&nbsp;like that?<br />
WTF why not use a PS2 controller and make it work with REAL guitar hero!
it is for people who dont have a ps2 or dont want to spend $200+ for a ps2 and game
most people have a ps2 or w/e if u have a 360 use a 360 controller, ps3, then use ps3 controller not that hard to figure out!! and ps2's are like 100
I dont have a ps2 or an xbox 360
ok tell me<br/><br/>when did i say &quot;you HAVE to do this with a ps2 controller&quot;<br/><br/>i was saying IF u have one<br/><br/>KEYWORD <strong>IF</strong><br/>
You said most people have a ps2 or xbox 360
<strong>IF</strong> everyone had a ps2 that this, instruable would be pointless, but not everyone does, therefore making it a good instruable.<br/>
i never said it was a bad instructable.
i love FoF
Playing it with a x-plorer or drums is the best .
FoF pwns.
As do i =]<br/>
I have GH on my 360, but I still love FoF.
I'm buying a ps2 controller and a ps2 to PC adapter.
Excellent! I plan on doing this! Also, how did you mod the original game controller to work with your pc? I see you soldered a usb cord onto it - how did that work h the wirinwiring? Would the pinout be similar for an old game controller with a 15 pin connector at the end?
Frets on Fire is a free Rock Band/Guitar Hero clone for PCs. People have ported the content from those games over to it, as well.
Erm, yeah, thanks...but I knew that, I meant the hardware, not the software. =]<br/>
Oh, my bad, I think I misread your original question. I use a PS2 controller to USB connector to play (although the USB connector I use doesn't support the whammy bar on the PS2 GH controller). Sorry I'm not much help.
Ahh, I see, thanks! That actually does help. :)
can someone give me an old (useless but still works) wii remote so i can do this mod
"Useless but still works" LOL! How does that work?
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why dont you jest use the guitar or mic or drums.that what makes it fun. if you dont like to use thoe s then you are lazy
Yes, he's lazy because he decided to make his own controller, instead of buying one premade. You just made a fail.
very nice Instructable! indeed I thought too about using a controller instead of the... how do you call it? I don't remember hehe Well, nice work and keep it up. I'd like to see more projects from you later.
I need a little bit of help conserning my fret buttons. The buttons are rigged so u have to press two buttons for a regular button press for the original guitar. My ribbon does not identify a common ground and only has 6 wires out of 7 buttons. What shall i do?? sorry for the bathroom pictures and fisheye( my macro is for extremely close-up)
lol the bathroom sink
frets on fire has spy ware on it but it dosn't rely matter
Ummm... Frets on Fire is open source. If it had spyware, the whole frikkin' world would know about it by now. Please do some research before spreading rumors.
well it has to access the internet so I thought it did even if it dos the game is still worth it.
Wtf. Seriously. First you say that FoF has spyware and then you say that you just thought that it did. FoF is a great game which DOES NOT contain any spyware, viruses, adware or dirty pictures of your mom. If you don't want to spend your money on GH, then go download FoF now. Seriously.
frets on fire was tested by cnet.com and was found spyware, viruses, and adware free.
thats a load of bull right there!
it dose access the internet I thought it was for spy wear
heck no! ki have it and it's the best game! you should play it!
i do play it I bet I can play better than you
i get %100 on the song mostly i've been playing guitar this week ON AMAZING!
yeah right give me a screen shot.
how do you excpect me to take it?
the print screen button on the key board will take a picture then you load it up and post it on my orange board.
ok oh and FoF won't work
oh and that song is pretty easy
i might do this to drums so it will be like rock band and post an instrucable on how to make it me and my sisters love rockband

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