Step 3: Map out the Fret Buttons

Picture of Map out the Fret Buttons
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Use the continuity setting on your voltmeter to map out which wires go to which fret. Removing the top of the fret helps greatly, as you can also follow the fretboards PC traces. One wire will be a common ground (different colored), and the rest will correspond to each fret.
weaselman507 years ago
I need a little bit of help conserning my fret buttons. The buttons are rigged so u have to press two buttons for a regular button press for the original guitar. My ribbon does not identify a common ground and only has 6 wires out of 7 buttons. What shall i do?? sorry for the bathroom pictures and fisheye( my macro is for extremely close-up)
halfcalorie7 years ago
Are you supposed to touch one contact of the voltmeter to the ground and another to a fret button wire? The setup isn't visible in the picture.
s6yugi67 years ago
Here are the pictures. Thank you.
s6yugi67 years ago
I have started working on a guitar controller but there is 8 buttons and only five wires. The wires are all the same color in a ribbon cable. I really need help. Contact me at: s6yugi6@msn.com Please!
babblin5 (author)  s6yugi67 years ago
Can you possibly post a picture of the cables and how they attach to the PCB board inside the fretboard? You'll need to remove the back of the fretboard to do this. I can take a look at that and get an idea of the scheme used for wiring hopefully!