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This tutorial shows you how to make a paper box with just an A4 paper without using scissors and doing any measurements.

Step 1:

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You'll be needing:
- a single A4 paper (printer paper or foolscap)
- A ruler (optional)

Step 2:

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Start by cutting the paper in half horizontally.

Step 3:

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Fold the top right corner of each of the two pieces of paper to the left edge.

Step 4:

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Cut the bottom part of the two pieces of paper so that you'll end up with two squares of paper.

Step 5:

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Fold the piece of paper from corner to opposite corner.

Step 6:

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Fold each of the four corners to the center point of the paper as shown.

Step 7:

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Next, fold the two opposite SIDES to the center of the paper. Then open them and fold the other two opposite sides and open them again as shown.

Step 8:

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This step is a bit tricky. open the two opposite flaps as shown in the first pic. Then fold the upper (left) side and locate the second crease (where my finger is pointing). You have to fold the upper left lap to that crease as shown. Do this to all four corners (two in every flap). You should end up as shown in the final pic.

Step 9:

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Tuck in the two opposite flaps so that you'll end up with this bottom part of the box.

Step 10:

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Now set a side the bottom part of the box and get the second piece of paper. Do the same as in step 5 and 6.

Step 11:

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Then, to make the box larger, you'll need to fold the sides slightly lower than the center as shown. Do this for all 4 sides (as in step 7).

Step 12:

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Follow steps 8-10 to end up as in the final pic. And there you have the lid for the bottom part. Slide the larger one onto the smaller one  and your paper box is complete.


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