A even easier wooden match rocket.I'll admit it doesn't always work, most of the time it will just fire a hot piece of tin-foil and sometimes it won't even take off but i never said it was perfect.
And as always people this instructable involves fire, fire hurts,you have been warned.

Step 1: What You'll Need

This is what is needed;

tin foil(or alluminuim for all you americans out there)
scissors(not needed but they do come in handy)
matchs(preferably redheaded)
needles or pins
<p>Made it, launched from a tube!</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ZtVBrfQEQws" width="500"></iframe></p>
dudes and dudets dont listen to him search for the other match roket its better
Lol, mine?
urs iz better petervG but it wasnt ur idea to begin with so stop being jealous
He wasn't in any respect. He was saying it jokingly.<br />
i got one of the match rockets to fly over 250ft i crushed up 35 matches and aded a little bit of gun powder an lit it it took off
<em>gun powder</em> real smart<br/>
<p>there isnt a problem with adding gunpowder it is just an extra accelerant it's no more likely to explode than the match heads them selves, or atleast not under the minimal pressure of light tinfoil wrappers</p>
match rockets work better with the matches they give out at hotels and stuff
Why do you need the pin? Oh and thanks, this will most likely keeps me entertain for hours.
It makes a small hole for the heat and pressure to vent out, causing it to launch.<br />
ok i tried this one twice and i cant get the rocket to go. it just puffs then stays there. does this meen i have to much foil or i have a wrong way of launching it. i launch it from an old aluminum arrow with the tip out. can any one help me
needs more pressure. make it tighter or mak the holes smaller
not very good
can you make this step a little clearer with labled parts of mtches and more photos thanks
you got it to fly 250 ft YAY I bet you can see it from heaven
click<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/rocket_rifle_prototype/">here</a> <br/>
Oh no you don't kerosene-soaked-clothes-arent-fun! You're not getting away with this one! Me and Beelzebub have already made an instructable for this and more! Never will you ever get away with this. Anyways, comment. Your instructable is poorly done, you should try taking more time to explain how to set it and make it. Also, you should try showing how to make something that hasen't been done before.
oh shut up it had clear instructions and pics+it works (90% of the time)
Just because something's been explained before doesn't mean it shouldn't be done anymore. Different ways of making things are never a bad thing. And if all you are gonna do on this site is criticise other instructables, I suggest you try making a better one.
peters jealous lol
Peter, you can't tell him he can't make an instructable about this, as it wasn't your idea in the first place either. The 'other' instructable you were talking about was before you, as you said in the comments there "I'm going to go make an instructable on this right now" So leave him alone, you're no better than him. Besides, what's wrong with him making his own instructable about the same thing? His is much different to yours. The more the merrier.
I really wish I could delete this comment.
<strong>THANK YOU</strong><br/>legend, way to defend my freedom of expression... keep it up :)<br/>
it was 1 of my 1st ok and mine wer different they don't work as well, mine are for the more simple instuctabltee.the paper matchs are hard to come by in ireland and i tried the other wooden match instructable and i cudnt get them working. mine were inspired by beelzebub's and petervg's to a less extent but MINE ARE DIFFERNT!!!
"mine were inspired by beelzebub's and petervg's..." regardless of inspiration (Beelzebub had sai that his/hers works with wooden matches too), I still score F for originality, quality and poor execution of another instructable (okay, so the last one is not related, but one F is better than two :P).
meh,the instructable shall stay,if someone sees beelzebub's and doesn't understand they can look at mine and vice-versa.
Pretty shameful after the pair of instructables you guys put up. And no video? What's the point of that!?!
"Cut out a rectangle of foil (that's what the sissors were for)and it has to be about 2 thirds as wide as the match but it doesn'y have to be perfect, rap the match up and try to get most of the foil at the top in a ball.And twist the bottom of the foil around the match as shown. Then slide the pin/needle up from the bottom of the foil to the tip if the match,trying not to rip the foil." wait i didnt see a match in the supplies (lol)
match rocket ¬¬ it shud have been implied. And gimme a break it was my first instructable
it was a good instructable however you do have an infinite amount of time to work on your instructable so you shouldnt use <em>it was my first instructable</em> as an excuse still -4.5*<br/>
&quot;This is what is needed;<br/><br/>tin foil(or alluminuim for all you americans out there)<br/>scissors(not needed but they do come in handy)<br/><strong>matchs</strong>(preferably redheaded)<br/>needles or pins&quot;<br/><br/>Key word MATCHES he didnt forget it in the supplies<br/><br/>
phosphorous is the stuff on a match red phosphorous however is less reactive than white phosphorous a.k.a. strike on anything matches (red and white phosphorous are of about the same flammability)
lol opps with the spelling mate, Aluminium is spelt Aluminium.. as i just wrote :P cool, match rockets. will have to try. and gunpowder, if your talking about blackpower gunpowder, is not particularly explosive. it creates lots of gasses but not at high velocity. flashpowder on the otherhand...
yeah heaps 250ft... it wouldnt happen... it would blow up before it launched as gunpowder reacts really quick causing the explosion.
do not do in small spaces the smell gets really bad my friend did i in his room it stood there for about like two days the smell
when ever I make them nothing happens it just stinks bad.
Are you using red headed matchs?<br/>Are you using the tinfoil off the tuna cassarole from the night before?<br/>otherwise I can't understand why they would smell =S<br/>
yes i do use red head matches, but not the foil from my dinna the night before. when i hold a match under it the atch head explodes out of the foil and burns my hand... WHY???
cuz it's not tight enough.<br/>of course the foil shooting off looks preety cool too so try my match rocket launcher to stop it burning you =]<br/>
in the what you need section, you forgot to put maches.
i tried i few of the other instructables on how to make these but mine is easier ,i could never get the other 1's to work
But yet you say within this instructable: "I'll admit it doesn't always work, most of the time it will just fire a hot piece of tin-foil and sometimes it won't even take off". Notice the "most of the time", which leads us to believe that more then 1/2 of the time yours don't work. -The Crawler has Spoken
most of the time it will fire a hot piece of tin-foil and makes a kinda impressive poppping noise but the tin-foil itself is the rocket 8 times out of ten.if you can follow that
So it's not a rocket? It's a bomb?
a very patheic, usless, and kinda feeble (even as a rocket) bomb, yes
This has already been covered here (includes a launcher):<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EXE7NQQYV0EQ2W3F4N/">https://www.instructables.com/id/EXE7NQQYV0EQ2W3F4N/</a><br/><br/>This project is also on NASA's website here:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/TRC/Rockets/match_rocket.html">http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/TRC/Rockets/match_rocket.html</a><br/><br/>Cool, but nevertheless a repost (search first ;) )<br/>

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