Easier Wooden Match Rocket





Introduction: Easier Wooden Match Rocket

A even easier wooden match rocket.I'll admit it doesn't always work, most of the time it will just fire a hot piece of tin-foil and sometimes it won't even take off but i never said it was perfect.
And as always people this instructable involves fire, fire hurts,you have been warned.

Step 1: What You'll Need

This is what is needed;

tin foil(or alluminuim for all you americans out there)
scissors(not needed but they do come in handy)
matchs(preferably redheaded)
needles or pins

Step 2: What You Actually Have to Do

Cut out a rectangle of foil (that's what the sissors were for)and it has to be about 2 thirds as wide as the match but it doesn't have to be perfect, rap the match up and try to get most of the foil at the top in a ball.And twist the bottom of the foil around the match as shown.
Then slide the pin/needle up from the bottom of the foil to the tip if the match,trying not to rip the foil.

Step 3: End

Put a flame to the head of the match,it may take a while to light through the foil.
Then make millions and millions of them. =]



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Made it, launched from a tube!

dudes and dudets dont listen to him search for the other match roket its better

Lol, mine?

urs iz better petervG but it wasnt ur idea to begin with so stop being jealous

He wasn't in any respect. He was saying it jokingly.

i got one of the match rockets to fly over 250ft i crushed up 35 matches and aded a little bit of gun powder an lit it it took off

there isnt a problem with adding gunpowder it is just an extra accelerant it's no more likely to explode than the match heads them selves, or atleast not under the minimal pressure of light tinfoil wrappers

match rockets work better with the matches they give out at hotels and stuff

Why do you need the pin? Oh and thanks, this will most likely keeps me entertain for hours.