Easiest & Best Frets on Fire Keyboard Ever + Strum Bar





Introduction: Easiest & Best Frets on Fire Keyboard Ever + Strum Bar

Easy and cheap mod to create an excellent keyboard for playing the awesome Frets on Fire (Free Guitar Hero PC Clone)

Step 1: Donor Keyboard

I used a standard USB Dell keyboard, the type as shown in the photo... you could use any old keyboard but i liked the minimalist approach of this Dell one...

Step 2: Remove and Cover Unwanted Keys

Remove all the numpad, arrow and pgup,pgdn etc keys... remove all the F keys... remove the ` key and the 6 key...

Replace the backspace \ ] and [ keys with the arrow keys you just removed... much easier to access in the new position...

Replace the F12 key with the Escape key...

Cover all the removed keys with black plastic, i used an old ice cream container lid. Hot glue works best here...

Step 3: Strum Bar

I looked all over the net for a good strum bar design and couldnt find one... so i had to resort to icecream sticks and hot glue... basically build a little 'T' and glue it upside down on the shift key so it over hang onto the enter key -- DO NOT GLUE ONTO THE ENTER KEY--- otherwise it wont work like a 'strum'

Hopefully the photos tell a thousand words here... the second one is painted....

Step 4: Paint the Frets

This step is optional but it does look cool... paint the 1,2,3,4,5 keys to match the fret colours in FoF..

I used MDF primer as a base coat and waterbased acrylic as a top coat... the blue could have been better... looks good in real life...

Step 5: Downlaod FoF

Now go download Frets on Fire and change the key settings to match the keyboard... (frets, arrows, esc)


Get the RF-mod too, then go to thepiratebay.org and d/l some song packs....!



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    Have a look at this instructable, its like an advance version of your instructable, and more better version!!!

    lol thats actually pretty nice.

    BUT =D.. since i have a PS3, i just plug my ps3 guitar hero controller in my pc and i can play frets on fire w-o any hassle :D

    does that work with a ps2 guitar?

    can you please tell me how did you do it? i probably wont check this page again XD so please i beg you send me an e mail and tell me cause i plug the controller but the guitar does not works please tell me cynnie_@hotmail.com

    Thanks... yea that would be sweet but for cheap asses like me you cant beat FoF..!

    Thats my keyboard! And nice, but I'm lazy, so I'll just paint the keys :3


    Nice! FoF is the win for cheap Guitar Hero fans... I remapped mine to 1-5 rather than F1-F5 because I hate that little gap. I also remapped strum to down arrow and left arrow, I can't stand the strum bar on real GH controllers but this way I can tap with my first two fingers like I'm playing a bass. The combination plays merry devil with navigating the menus though, so I might change it to something different like keypad 0 and . or . and / The worst bit about using the numbers as frets is when I want to put a great run or percentage on the end of a high score (my PBs are 400+ and 100% on Normal :D ) and pressing 1 is the same as pressing enter.

    Love it! tommorow im goin to prepare stuff for this. i'll buy the cheapest USB keyboard in town for 99,-SKK (3.3 €) get some plastic, some superglue and begin devastation of a brand new keyboard :D

    Sweet... post a photo when you're done...!