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Ever been to one of those completely awful and sterile corporate meet ups before?  Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about. Everyone has to put on their best suit, sacrifice their weekend and drive an hour to the city just to hear the big wigs talk about blah blah...quarterly sales.....blah blah....compliance officers.  There's no food and hardly any entertainment.  But the absolute worst insult? The company forces you to to don those terrible "Hi! I'm...." name tags and there's no colored Sharpies!!! That's right, not only do you have to pretend to know or care about "Joe From Accounting" but you can't even show how awesome your name is.  

Don't fall victim to this colorless corporate drudgery again!  3D Print your own Embossed Name Tag today!

Step 1: Using Tinkercad

For those of you who haven't gotten to try it out, Tinkercad is an amazing piece of online 3D design software, now owned by Autodesk, Inc.  It is extremely simple to use with a ton of design features for creating models. I got to try it out last month at the Vancouver Hackerspace, when we were hosting a Build Night through an Instructables Partnership and I gave a small class demonstration of it.  

The name tag I created here was for one of my peers Gerard Pietrykiewicz aka "Geordie" and printed using Loial Otter's truly amazing 3D printers.

&quot;Then, drop the hole slightly so only the surface layer of the rectangle is removed. &quot; <br>I'm having trouble with that part. My embossed shape shows up on the bottom side. Any tips for 'slightly' dropping it?
The way you described those meetings at the beginning THAT'S TOTALLY MY LIFE!!!!! These name tags are awesome!!
the 3D printed name tag looks very impressive.. unfortunately, we don't have 3D printers other than a very few cities in India
Then allow me to direct your attention to this 'ible: https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Print-with-Paper/
thank you
Great idea for a name tag, I imagine a desk name plate would look just a sharp!
&quot;Mikeasaurus: Supreme World Overlord&quot;, has a nice ring :D
Great job Shift!!! :-)
Thanks MC!

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