Picture of Easiest (And Cheapest) Bow Tie
I learned how to make bow ties when I figured out that they can be made cheaply with very simple materials. Here is a list of things that you will need to make your own bow ties:

A piece of fabric (100% cotton is best)
A Fat Quarter will be enough, 18'' by 20''

A size template for dimensions and measurements
This will save you time and ensure your bow ties are the right size, since it is hard to judge size on the fly, which I learned the hard way. This one here is cut from thin particle-board backing from some old shelves. It measures 5.5cm by 11cm, but you may want to go bigger or smaller. A good way to start is to get measurements from a pre-made one, which is what I did here.

Sewing thread
I am using upholstery thread for extra strength, but any thread will do. 

Large brass safety pin
I am using a brass safety pin here, but any 2-inch safety pin works. (Brass is just stronger.)

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Step 1:

Picture of

Fold the fabric up as shown. Use your template to get the correct width. 

Step 2:

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When you have folded your fabric up to a decent thickness, turn it over and look at the back flap of fabric. It needs to run along the center of the folded fabric. You may need to quickly cut it if it does not, or if your fabric is uneven. You need to sew this up, but only along every inch or so. Be sure you are not sewing through the front. It doesn't matter how your sewing looks, since this will be on the inside of your bow tie and won't show when you are finished.
sdartnut9 months ago

I used you instructions to make a tie for a play prop. I used material from a hankerchief. Thanks for the help.

sdartnut9 months ago

In step 1, are you folding the fabric repeatedly to get the desired thickness? Couldn't one substitute a slip of heavier fabric inside and save on material? I think commercial ties use something like canvas.

Have you tried any kinds of clips to hold the ties on?