Picture of Easiest Arc Reactor.
Not really a step-by-step, just an idea that I'm gonna do for Halloween.

Step 1: Buy.

Picture of Buy.

Step 2: Make.

Picture of Make.
Cut the mouthpiece off a blue balloon, about an inch up. stretch this over the top of the LED light, tight enough to where there isn't a big bulge, but loose enough not to push the center button without your help.

Step 3: Wear.

Picture of Wear.
The easiest is to tape it to your chest, like I have in this picture. It hurts a little. Another idea would be to use the hook on the back of the light, and wear it like a necklace. Or you could do what other people on Instructables have done with theirs, and sew a pocket into the inside of the shirt. Good luck, and have fun!
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the1weasel1 year ago
is it very bright in daylight?
rocky164 years ago
I love this but could i take a red balloon and have a red arc reactor  
bubot17 rocky162 years ago
hahaha!! Great idea!! >:D