To start mix your sugar/yeast solution to bait the trap. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, and yeast produce it as they feed on sugar.

Mix 2 cups of pure cain granulated sugar to 2 liters warm water. Use bottle or filtered water so to not have chlorine. Add a little yeast. If you buy a packet then use about 25% of it. Otherwise use about 1/2 a teaspoon.

Set that aside. You'll need it at the last step. It should be frothy by then. If not then it won't take long.

Step 1: Start

Bed bugs have become a major issue around our country (USA). I think it's because of our bad economy. People are picking things up from beside the road and carrying it into their houses. Before you do this you should be very careful because those things might hide bed bugs. Once you have them it's very hard to get rid of them. Traps are unlikely to solve your bed bug problem, but if you can't afford to pay expensive exterminators then traps may help.

This is the easiest bed bug trap.

    2 or 3 liter bottle
    Roll of Paper Towels
    Scissors with a sharp point or include a knife or razor
What if you use tap water? I know you said bottle or filtered but what if that's not an option?
<p>You can do whatever you want, but the yeast are living creatures, and if the chlorine kills them the trap will not work. But hey maybe it won't. Try it and let us know.</p>
<p>I do not think it will kill the yeast. I make a lot of bread and I use regular tap water. It is the temp that will kill it...or salt. Salt is evil to yeast lol. I don't know if we have these bugs but one person is getting bites from something. Everyone keeps saying that's what it is but I have yet to find any. I am hoping we don't catch any from what I have been reading about them!</p>
This really works. We were terrified the bed bugs would follow us to our new home. We killed all adults &amp; newborn bugs, but there were still eggs. We placed the traps by the bed posts &amp; couch legs where the eggs were &amp; by morning, our trap had two babies in it. We used several 20 ounce bottles &amp; less ingredients. It worked great. Thanks for the tip!!
<p>Glad to hear that. I hope things have continued to be good.</p>
<p>Hi, manicmonday, I read your instructions several times, but both me and my family are confused by the recipe due to our particular needs. I'd appreciate if you could advise with Dummies-Clear instructions geared for our situation. THE SITUATION IS: I made several of your traps, but not yet the recipe, because how on earth do I distribute the recipe amid 4 or 5 traps? See, I don't just need one trap but rather want to put one per each side of the couch, since the canine detected bugs at the couch area. I also want one in a nearby closet.</p>
<p>I just read through the recipe and can't see how it could be more clear. What part are you confused about? The measurements don't have to be exact. The main thing is don't use too much sugar. It's better too little sugar than too much. You can always add more sugar if needed.</p>
<p>You may want to add that yeast will not activate if to hot or cold. The best temps are between 105-115 degrees F. If you don't have a thermometer just run tap water until it begins to get hot. It may still be to warm when you fill your container but letting it cool for about 10 mins will work. It should be very warm but not really hot. Hope this helps those who it is not working for.</p>
<p>P.S. Here is how I wrote out the recipe to use together with two of ManicMonday's traps, plus two of my 32oz./7oz. versions, for a total of FOUR MINI-CONTRAPTIONS.</p><p>ITEMS NEEDED:<br>Baby powder<br>Blue Stik fun-tac<br>Red-yellow yeast packet<br>4 lb. sugar<br>8-cup pitcher STERILE<br>4 qt. pot STERILE<br>ladle STERILE<br>my tall tri-corner glass<br>Teaspoon STERILE<br>7 oz. disposable cups</p><p>(1) Fill 4 qt. pot w/filtered water till top of inner gromets. BOIL IT.</p><p>(2) Wait till boiled water cools to 100 degrees<br>wait time approx. 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs.</p><p>(3) Ladle 4 oz. of the water to the tri-corn glass</p><p>(4) Add tsp. sugar to the 4 oz. water and stir well</p><p>(5) Add yeast packet to the 4 oz. mix</p><p>(6) Stir alot to produce bubbles.<br>Let it rest 10 min. till there is foamy topping</p><p>(7) Pour remaining water from pot into pitcher till the 6-cup mark</p><p>(8) Use 7 oz. disposable cup to measure 3 cups sugar to pour into pitcher of water. Stir well to dissolve sugar.</p><p>(9) Pour the foamy-glass mixture into the pitcher of tepid sweet water. Stir well to finalize the CO2 mix.</p><p>(10) Distribute the CO2 mix from pitcher into the various mini-traps. Insert the pit-falls</p><p>(11) With fingers, smear baby-powder all over the interior of the pit-falls</p><p>(12) Using blue-stik, attach traps to floor at red-flag-side of couch <br></p><p><br> <br> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IyKFAM_nug#" rel="nofollow"><br>Show less<br> </a><br> </p><br> <br> <br> <br> <br>
<p>Looks to me like you have made this unnecessarily complicated and difficult. But if it makes you happy, then I say go for it.</p>
<p>I haven't tried it yet, but your directions are much simpler.</p>
<p>Hi, manicmonday, sorry for the delay since computer EMFs make me ill. I had read JulesNoise advice stating that more yeast causes stronger reaction, but more sugar lasts longer. So I used Jules general recipe which is similar to yours, albeit 4x as much. What happened, was that the foam-topping nearly overflowed (very quickly), so I had to rush to transfer the foamy glass to the pitcher. I then distributed the pitcher into my four paper-towel-covered contraptions. Two were large soda-bottle cut-offs, and two were 32oz. containers with either 7oz. container inserted, or else soda-bottom-cutoff inserted. </p><p>The formula should expire by tomorrow. No bugs were in any of the containers in my dad's living-room (placed where the canine had detected something). So after a few days, I transferred the containers to his bedroom. Note that after the canine visit, my BIL got yet another non-bedbug-exterminator to spray chemicals everywhere. And maybe the canine had detected DEAD bedbugs? Anyway, I'm busy now preparing for doctor appointments, so haven't kept updated, since his apt. at my sister is a few blocks away. Thanks so much for running this site!! It's so kind of you.</p>
<p>P.S. I was also considering JulesNoise and the Rutgers Recipe instructions, but their recipes are intended for either FULL 2-liter bottles, or for a Coffee-cup respectively. So I wasn't sure how to adapt their instructions for your cut-off bottle traps. </p><p>My point is - that its nervewracking enough just to have to ensure for one trap 100-degree temperature, let alone repeat that five times??!!</p>
<p>Any recipe you use will be fine.</p>
<p>I'm not sure I have them I just want to know and the exterminator told me he can't see and i should just hire him to do the job. I dont have cane sugar but just regular sugar. Is thatok? Thank you this sound perfect.</p>
Yes, that's fine. Same thing I think.<br>
<p>please help my trap want work tried it 2 times</p>
<p>What did you do wrong?</p>
<p>I recently had bed bugs I tried sprays, bombs, and traps but still had bugs. What really worked for me was dichotomous earth, make sure it is &quot;food grade&quot; DE, so that it is safe around people and pets. I found instructions for blowing the DE powder around my apartment on the web. I covered my carpet, my mattress, put in in dresser drawers, under the bed and the recliner, and on the recliner. It is a little messy with the powder all over stuff but it works. I also got furniture bags, mattress covers for the bed and box spring and recliner, even my office chair. I also washed all my bedding and clothing and stored most everything in sealable bags and/or plastic containers. It was a lot of work and took about a 4 to 6 weeks before I was sure that they were gone. When you use the Dichotomous Earth powder wear one of those round white breathing masks and latex gloves. The powder is very fine and probably not good to breath a bunch of it, it also dries out skin. How it works is that it dries out the bugs in a day or two after they come into contact with it. It completely dehydrates them and kills them. I put the powder down about 3 or 4 times just in case there were any eggs that hatched. Hope this helps, I know it feels like hell going through getting the bed bugs then trying to get rid of them. God Bless.</p>
<p>Where do you get this Dichotomous Earth stuff??</p>
<p>It is diatomaceous earth, and hardware stores have it. Organic grocery stores should have food grade. You have to be careful with the stuff in the hardware stores because some of them contain roach pheromones, and you don't want to attract roaches to get rid of bed bugs! It is not true that the diatomeaceous earth cuts them up. What it does is attach itself to the waxy coating on the bedbug's shell, and dehydrates them.</p>
<p>trying this..any suggestions on how to kill the bugs and re-use the trap?</p>
<p>Any bedbugs that fall into the trap will die. To rebait the trap you may need to completely take apart the trap. If you can pour out the old solution without damaging the paper towel then you won't have to redo that.</p><p>You can kill bed bugs with ozone. They can't become immune to that because they need oxygen to breath. Remove everything from the room your going to treat and put a fan in there. I would recommend that you remove the switch/plug plates too so the ozone can get into them better in case they are hiding in there.You will need an ozone generator that will put out lots of ozone. Close up the room. During the treatment humans/pets cannot be in the room!!! Take fish out too. I'm guessing 24 hours will kill all the bed bugs, though you will need to retreat as eggs will still hatch.</p>
<p>There are a few exterminators statewide who apply ozone versus heat, and they stated that their clients seemed satisfied. Their interviews are on YouTube, but there are not many such exterminators available, due to the heat-treatments having become prevalent first.</p>
<p>I was referring to what you can do yourself without paying an exterminator.</p>
<p>I know. That was just for the record, in case desperate people decide to try the heat option when there may be a better option if ozone guys are in their locale.</p>
<p>Diatomaceous earth is also effective against them. Buy food grade and cover everything. Try not to breath it!!! The first night of treatment you should even cover yourself with it if you are going to be sleeping in there. It is not a poison, but instead works to kill them in a mechanical way. Not to us, but to insects it's like broken glass. It cuts them up and causes them to bleed and they die within a couple of days. For people/pets it's very safe even to eat, just not so good to breath it. It's even considered healthy to eat as it cleans up internal parasites.</p><p>I hope that helps. Good luck.</p>
Thanks for your reply, I finally succeeded at the project. Initially the water was too warm.
<p>If it was warm it was fine. To be too warm would be very hot, as in hot enough to burn you.</p>
<p>My yeast won't rise, am using distilled water should I be using spring water? Thank you</p>
<p>I had the opposite problem. Mine rose at high speed and nearly overflowed! I think its because my BIL keeps the heat on so high at my dad's apt. Approx 79. It feels like a sauna.</p>
Thanks for your reply, I finally succeeded at eh project, initially the water was too warm
<p>Maybe your yeast is dead.</p>
<p>I came across some promising sites via google images:</p><p><a href="http://mattresssafe.com/sofcover-furnituresafe-encasement/" rel="nofollow">http://mattresssafe.com/sofcover-furnituresafe-enc...</a></p><p>also:</p><p><a href="http://www.noroomforbedbugs.com/index.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.noroomforbedbugs.com/index.html</a></p><p>also:</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/aEeEBDcbh50" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p>thanks caught 20 small bugs in trap how long I can use the same solution to produce carbon di oxide</p>
<p>Can't say, too many variables. You can extend it by initially using less sugar, but then adding a little more each day.</p>
<p>Great work manicmonday.</p><p>Get rid of those annoying pests.</p>
<p>I have a question: I thought that you have to have a bag over the top of the trap because CO2 is lighter than air and will evaporate too fast and therefore will not attract them..Is this true? </p>
<p>I believe the reason for the bag you saw in the Williams method, is to contain the CO2 within a confined area so that the bedbugs should suffocate from the gas.</p>
<p>CO2 is heavier than air. The Carbon atom makes it so.</p>
<p>Around September 2009 we got an bed bug infestation and we never knew from where. I'm one of those that those bugs just love to bite... Anyways around this time bed bugs were all the rage on the local news and they were saying that bed bugs where the new human flea. I thought about how we treated a flea infestation with shots of the program (lufenuron) back in 2002. It slowly got rid of the fleas and they never returned. I thought about giving the cats the program because one of the cats had almost pulled all of it hair out because it suffered so much from the bed bug bites. Like the fleas the bed bug population slowly disappeared until there was no more bed bugs.</p><p>Recently I noticed odd little bites on my arms and then got the program again but I have no cats to feed the program to I'm not sure what I should do. I've read that ingesting the program is not an option because it can cause internal issues as well as it remains in the tissues of whomever takes it (pets are normally dosed once a month for 6 months). I've thought of baiting bug dirt or even dropping a liquefied form of the program in a pill bottle of recently captured bed bugs and letting them loose to infect their friends.</p><p>Any suggestions?</p>
<p>Ozone and/or diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs. See earlier comment for more detail. If you get some cats/dogs to put in there give them each a capstar pill. That will kill fleas for 24 hours. Maybe it will kill bedbugs for 24 hours too.</p>
<p>i tried this did not work for me were am I going wrong </p>
<p>I don't know. Tell me more. What has happened since you posted that note?</p>
<p>This actually works! Best night's sleep in weeks, and no new bites today, I could hug you manicmonday, you are my new hero!</p>
<p>I'm glad to hear that they worked for you. I hope you have no problems with them since you wrote this note.</p>
<p>You have to find where they are laying eggs it could be alot of different spots and in everything including Books, toy chest, lamp shades,wallpaper boarders anything that has a edge or crack ... If they keep coming back you might have to do a major house cleaning and throwing things out or putting your things in Trash bags and tightly sealing the bags and put the bags in a storage shed or garage for a year or put the bags in your yard with The hot sun of the summer to kill them or in a car ...I've been using Rubbing alcohol (USE IN SHORT SESSIONS AND WEAR A MIST MASK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA,OPEN WINDOWS AND HAVE A FAN IN WINDOW SUCKING THE AIR OUT and NO OPEN FLAMES NEARBY) in any sprayer like a empty Windex bottle and doing a soaking spray on every nook and cranny of a mattress, couch, pet beds, chairs, etc.(in the crack between the seat and backrest) you have to physically with your fingers or tool to separate any folds of fabric and cushions and get in there and spray it alot..Flip everything upside down and spray,especially a couch and box spring and chair where you always sit because that is a prime spot for bed bugs ..There is a thin piece of see through fabric or netting on the underside....Thats where I found shit load of tiny eggs in-beaded. First spray the edges because thats where the eggs were.... and then the whole underside,and repeat.wait till it dries a little bit then vacuum.Now you can pull the backing off of the staples very carefully and all the while vacuum the backing on the reverse side to catch any eggs.Spray the shit out of it and the couch underside..You can replace the fabric or throw it out or replace it with new material.Look on the underside of any armrest or any folds of fabric and SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY ..when your done spraying let it dry for a little bit and vacuum the whole couch or Box spring or chair top to bottom and vacuum where the furniture was sitting and the rest of the floor.When your done thoroughly Vacuuming IMMEDIATELY Take the vacuum outside and strip all your clothes off and BURN IT.. no seriously take the vacuum far away from the house and throw out the vacuum bag or if its a canister put in trash bag or buy a new vacuum and take your clothes off put in washer and high heat on dryer..It may sound crazy But this is serious matter and should be treated like a major epidemic or Hazmat situation..Phew!</p><p>GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY </p><p>THIS IS WAR</p>
<p>We have had bedbugs for the last 5 years or more. We have tried everything even professional exterminators and all the latest treatments. We have covered our furniture, mattresses etc. I am retired and I stay up half the night looking for the bugs. I use clear tape to capture them so as not to bloody up the bed linens. I know exactly where to look for them and every night they are there. The worst place is above my wife's pillow, I would catch 30-40 bugs between 4 and 5am every night. I would catch maybe 10-15 over the rest of the room. About 3 days ago my wife found the trap online and we tried it the other night. There was only one bug above my wife's pillow and only three in the room!!! Maybe because I knew the hotspots and strategically placed the traps. There was about 30 in the trap near my wife's pillow and about 7 in all the other cups. We have tried to no avail, to find the nest near her pillow. We have been living with these bugs for so long I am about to go nuts, I literally scream sometimes. I'll use anything I can to rid us of them and this trap works the best so far. The hardest part was for me to remember to get the yeast when I went to the store.</p>
<p>Look at your ceiling it took me a year to figure out that's where they were nesting in my son's room right over his bed best of luck</p>

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