Easiest Car Money Holder





Introduction: Easiest Car Money Holder

This is just an organized and a very simple way to store your spare car change. I used the Ice Breakers container because it has a perfect little opening for adding coins and a large opening for dumping them into a bigger money bank when it's full. Plus, you can eat the candy before you use the container! WARNING: Don't eat them in one sitting as it can act as a laxative...

Step 1: Obtain an Ice Breakers Container

Once you have an empty container, then you are done. It's that simple! Now put all your loose chump change into the perfect coin holder. As soon as you are done saving all your money, make sure to spend it on something useful like a college education.



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    Thank you

    Great idea. I don't like change in my car's change holder because it rattles around, but this would work great and I could put it in my center console and wouldn't have to hear it.

    Thanks! Be sure to vote if you like it for the "On A Budget" contest.