Step 4: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
We're done. It's that simple!

Enjoy your newly less hectic pan cupboard.
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mickryobe1 month ago


What a great space saver and clutter eliminator.

Thank You.


onemoroni11 month ago

Outstanding, elegant, efficient, and cheap! I am having my kitchen remodeled and will have to incorporate this idea.

Jeeze, why didn't I ever think about that. I'm 3D printing my mounts right now!

I like this good idea

mschuckmann1 month ago

I love it, already ordered the hooks on Amazon.

Just a thought, has anyone tried this strong magnets?

forwood1111 month ago


I love this idea, but I think I would use heavier hooks and upgrade to high quality adhesive.
rshughes212 years ago
Oh Jayefuu, I think I'm in luv... the lids are out of the way, fit securely and this was an extremely easy fix! Kudos!
Jayefuu (author)  rshughes212 years ago
Glad to have helped!
sbartolin2 years ago
tstrain2 years ago
Where do you place the hooks in reference to the pencil mark? Thanks!
wibown2 years ago
Again, What a Great/Simple solution!!!! Thank you!!!!
JediLoreen2 years ago
I like this. Simple, yet effective.
What a great, simple idea! Well done!
shi822 years ago
such a good idea thanks
Brilliant! Will be using in my kitchen re-do. :)
sramiro2 years ago
Wow, what a good idea. Easy, affordable and very useful. Thanks.
protorob2 years ago
That's a very nice solution!
Starrystar2 years ago
Neat!! Do you have to open the cupboards slowly, or are the hooks very secure?