Introduction: Easiest Glove Holder

Picture of Easiest Glove Holder

1.5in binder clip
2 screws

Step 1: Binder Clip

Picture of Binder Clip

I used a 1.5in binder clip larger ones are ok a smaller one won't hold as much weight so they don't work as well

Step 2: Hole in Binder Clip

Picture of Hole in Binder Clip

You need a starter hole in the binder clip for the next step. I used a nail for the hole

Step 3: Screw in the Binder Clip

Picture of Screw in the Binder Clip

After you have a hole put a screw through it just a bit

Step 4: Mount the Binder Clip

Picture of Mount the Binder Clip

Screw in the binder clip to the bottom of the shelf or wherever you want the holder (make sure its near the edge)

Step 5: Secure the Handle

Picture of Secure the Handle

After the clip is mounted put a screw and washer to attach one of the handles on the outside edge

Step 6: Hang Gloves

Picture of Hang Gloves

The free arm of the binder clip will be used to open the clip


Dominic Bender (author)2013-07-03

Cool idea, thanks for sharing.

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