Introduction: Easiest Instructable Ever. (how to Fold a Piece of Paper in Half

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Supplies: 1 sheet of paper Hands Or even feet really any appendage that can grip something Time: Max 10 seconds Difficulty: Extremely easy Intro Well I was on instructables and I was looking for something to make and I found some really amazing things but the problem was they took to long or were all sort of difficult, so I made the easiest instructable ever for the absolute beginner. No soldering or 3d printers necessary for this one guys! Do you want to feel a sense of accomplishment without Gavin to do much then follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Fold the Paper

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Estimate halfway on the paper. Then bring one end of the paper onto the other end over the halfway estimate. Press down on the seams and voila a folded piece of paper! Give yourself a pat on the back for this one.


ParaGunner1324 (author)2014-08-25

That's stupid but funny

NVDevastator (author)2013-09-24

Bravo sir. Bravo...

ilikecake3 (author)2013-08-31

omg thanks this helped alot

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