Picture of Easiest Knife Paracord Grip
The easiest way to grip a knife/machete with paracord.

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Step 1: Items Needed

This is what i used-  (Kukri)  (Paracord)

You'll Need-

- Multitool
- Lighter

Step 2: String the Paracord Through

First start by stringing the paracord through the hole at the bottom of the knife. If you don't have this hole you can drill into your knife or wrap the cord around the bottom of your knife. 

-String paracord through
-Leave about 1/2 inch paracord more than the grip

Step 3: Wrap the Paracord around.

Picture of Wrap the Paracord around.
Then wrap the paracord from the other side of the hole around the knife. Keep wrapping until your near the end of the grip

Step 6: Done

Picture of Done
Quick and Easy Paracord Grip
Saudi Arabia8 months ago


KemikalzAreFun11 months ago
I was actually considering getting this kukri. Is it pretty well balanced with a tough blade?
And I like the idea btw.
I it but who would want to look at pictures of nifes

Everyone except you, evidently t-_-t

I would

The whole point of a simple paracord grip is to be able to remove and use the cord, and re-tie it if necessary. Melting the knot makes this impossible. If you just want a soft grip or the look of paracord, there are a variety of better options.

That's not all together true. I burn the end of my cord and melt it into the knot just enough so it stays when I make paracord items and it comes off fine for me

vikingspit (author) 1 year ago

Great photos!