The easiest way to grip a knife/machete with paracord.

Step 1: Items Needed

This is what i used-

http://www.amazon.com/Cold-Steel-Kukri-Machetes/dp/B00CHTUJUS  (Kukri)

http://www.amazon.com/Rothco-550-Pound-Commercial-Paracord-100-Feet/dp/B000S5ODOQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1391749117&sr=1-1&keywords=tan+paracord  (Paracord)

You'll Need-

- Multitool
- Lighter

<p>Nice, quick &amp; easy .</p><p>i made it for my handle Go Pro ! Thx</p><p>(FR)</p>
<p>Nice </p>
I was actually considering getting this kukri. Is it pretty well balanced with a tough blade?<br>And I like the idea btw.
I ....um...like it but who would want to look at pictures of nifes
<p>Everyone except you, evidently t-_-t</p>
<p>I would </p>
<p>The whole point of a simple paracord grip is to be able to remove and use the cord, and re-tie it if necessary. Melting the knot makes this impossible. If you just want a soft grip or the look of paracord, there are a variety of better options.</p>
<p>That's not all together true. I burn the end of my cord and melt it into the knot just enough so it stays when I make paracord items and it comes off fine for me</p>
<p>Great photos!</p>

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