That's awesome . simple and creative .
golics...Nice pop-up cards....Thanks for this idea!I think ill subscribe!
wow it IS really easy hehehe
Hello golics, I just wanted to let you know that I came up with my own version of this. On my version when you close it, the pop-up thingy sticks out but that doesn't ruin the coolness. What I do to make my version is I take an 8 1/2 by 11 in. piece of paper and fold a diagonal so that on the top there is a point. I then cut off the extra so that my paper is shaped like an Equilarteral square. I then fold the paper In half one way, then the other, then I cut those lines. I do that 3 times so I get 12 pieces. Then I do what you do, but instead of gluing it, I staple it. Then I staple it to the regular, non cut piece of paper. And PRESTO!!!<br/><hr/> So did you come up with this on your own?<br/>Do you think my version is still cool (Yours is better)?<br/><hr/>By the way, amazing Instructable, very fun to make when your bored, very long, patient project but very fun!!! I hope to see some more origami (What is kirigami?!?) and paper folding projects on Instructables!!! <br/>
That's so cool! I might do this in class, all your stuff is fun to do in class. ;-) Great job!
Thank you. Thank you :) Dont forget try to use Adhesive tape double-sided. Just cut small pieces. You will be ready in few minetts. :)

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