Introduction: Easiest Ever Turkey Soup

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Every Thanksgiving I cook a Turkey! Then I take all the bones and skin and make a simple, hearty, and delicious soup. Here's how!

Step 1: Filling the Pot

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Take off as much meat from the turkey for later sandwiches and hot plates of the first meal. Place the bones and skin and whatever is left into a big pot. Cover bones with water.

Step 2: Cooking

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Turn up the heat and boil for about five minutes. Then cover and reduce to simmer (low heat on an electric stove).

Step 3: Carrots

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My turkey has been seasoned with, Garlic powder-( lots of this),  some salt, fresh pepper, and a sprinkling of Thyme (ground or powdered). So the soup will taste great without much of any spices added.  Get a bunch of carrots (I add  about ten big ones). Wash, slice or cut to your choice. Add to pot. 

Step 4: Celery

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Celery is next. Do the same as the carrots. About five stalks will do it. Add to pot.

Step 5: Onions

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Next, get some onions (3 lg.or 4 med.), skin , add whole or slice, your choice. Add to pot.

Step 6: Sneak a Taste!

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Let the whole thing simmer for a few hours. Check vegees for tenderness. Try not to sneak out a few small ladels cause you won't be able to stop eating it. I know I end up with half the pot gone by dinner time. So I just add some more water. Adjust the spices a little and no one is the wiser.

Step 7: Why I Cook!

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This turkey soup should be placed in a cold place, garage or outdoors. This will solidify the fat which will come to the surface (see a thin layer) Then just scoop it off the surface with the side of a spoon and put the soup remainder in jars. Of course I could not wait to solidify the fat. We ate it that night. I refigerated the balance. Yum! This instructable is submitted by a man! Who said real man don't cook? I cook, clean up (do dishes too), hunt, repair, maintain everything here, cut & split wood for the woodstove, ride my motorcycles, our Morgan horse, etc. But  I cook mostly because my French Grandmother let me help cook when I was five . I stood on a chair and mostly stirred. I did learn how to put it all together and I've done so ever since. Enjoy, be well, and Peace Be With You! Triumphman.


triumphman (author)2011-12-04

Nov. 24, 2011 Just made a new pot of this. Better than last years! Yummy!

triumphman (author)2010-12-02

This sounds yummy! Making more right now!

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