Step 3: Failed experiments

Picture of failed experiments
So ya, we tried to make it sort of like a canoe, but it didn't work worth a damn, maybe with some out-riggers...but like this it just rolls.  So we cut it in half and went back to the original design.  Note the keel type board along the bottom, I thought this would make it easier to go in a straight line, but it didn't seem to help much.
maybe try taking a, say 6inch wide band from the center of the 55s to make them more oval or add a 33 as an out-rigger. just some thoughts
bigpig5 years ago
Just a thought, but perhaps the wooden keel was too bouyant?
MN218 (author)  bigpig5 years ago
I'm thinkingit was just too top heavy, as my brother said when I sent a link to this instructable "for clues to why this didn't work, please consult your local physics textbook."  Smartass...