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    I have cases of the 250 ml and 500 ml clear glass bottles if you would like a few !

    I just realized that I love the way we used to package stuff in the 1800's! Now its all plastic and paper. Glass is so real and can be recycled many time over. Besides they are very nice to look at on a sunny day! Enjoy and thanks.

    I just use them for sunlight catchers on my windows as you see in the pics. I helped clean out a barn once and the place used to be a pharmacy type of business for equines and bovines (horses & cows). The owner said to throw everything away. The clear bottles with the ml graduations were so cool that I scrounged cases of them. Need any?

    Easiest way is to put a few tablespoons of sand (as mentioned) but then use a funnel to insert about a 1/3 mix of simple "fish aquarium gravel" which is a random shaped abrasive. after shaking for a while you can add some liquid dish detergent as a cleaner. The small gravel will not break the glass bottle like the suggested marbles might. g

    I've heard that on hard water stains in bottles that sand/gravel mix and a larger amount of vinegar does a good job if you allow the mixture to stand for a while in between shaking.

    I've had great success on milk bottles with larger openings by simply taking 1 or 2 SOS pads & cutting them into smaller wedges that will fit inside the bottle and using just enough water to get them to slosh around inside the bottle as you shake it. It already has the soap built in & the steel wool shines the inside of the bottle the same way it cleans pots & pans.

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    About step 8: years ago I breaked a little glass bottle using a marble to clean it.

    Be careful!

    Coca-cola works well also.