Easily Booby Trap a Cup!


Introduction: Easily Booby Trap a Cup!

For this prank all you need is a nail, glue and some lard ( or anything greasy) like vaseline
Watch this instructional video and learn how to properly pull off this simple prank...

Its harmless yet very funny if done correctly.



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    pity I don't carry a hot glue gun around with me...

    "Its harmless yet very funny if done correctly."

    Until some one sits on the nails. Lol.

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     Nice one. I'll have to try it :D

    This could be developed... If you made holes, and filled them with (?)... rice-paper or something that dissolved slowly, you could hand it to someone for a delayed effect. This after all only makes the table wet.


    (please use a different voice next time, I've heard that one too much)

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    Use so common sense... of couse what you saw was a demonstration of how the prank works... obviously Im not going to get myself wet....  I know what will happen when the cup is liften... surely the victim will not therefor they will get themselves wet... and No I will not use another voice... you keep asking the same stuff...

    I meant, plug the holes so they open up after a delayed period. This one relies upon a person lifting the cup vertically, otherwise (e.g. horizontally) they think "why is the cup nailed to the table?". If you can get the delay you've got something a bit more fun than "oh the cup was stood on a nail" - it becomes "why am I getting wet?!" instead.


    Oh, simple yet effective!

    That's Funny... If not done to me ;-D