Pinterest has become more and more popular in the last few years and is a big referrer for Instructables. Many people have found out how to utilize Pinterest to its fullest and one of those ways is to create a long pin. This takes up more space on Pinterest and gives you more of an opportunity to draw people in to click on your pin.

You can take the time to use Photoshop to make a pin, but there is an even faster and easier way to do it using Picmonkey.com. It's a free website that anyone can use. It might take you a pin or two to get the hang of it, but it gets really easy the more you do it.

Step 1: Photos and Pin Formats

Before you can make your pin, you need photos.

While photographing your Instructable, keep Pinterest in mind. In my opinion, there are 3 main formats to focus on when you go to make a long pin and you'll need to think about what you are going to do even while taking pictures of your project.

Long Pin Formats

  1. One main image; with or without text
  2. Multiple images just showing your final project (or food); with or without text
  3. Multiple step by step images of the making of your project along with 1 or 2 images of the final project; with or without text

The reason you need to think about this while making your project is different for each type of pin.

For #1, you are probably going to want to make sure you have an image that is longer vertically, so it won't be so small on Pinterest (horizontal images show up small on Pinterest). Also, if you are going to add a text overlay, you probably want to plan that when setting up your shot so you have an ideal area you'll be able to add text without disrupting the subject of the image.

For #2, if you are going to do a pin with multiple images of your project, you are going to need to make sure you take a variety of photos (different angles, backgrounds, etc). Also, take images that are long vertically and horizontally, it's fun to have variety in your pin.

For #3, you should probably be fine as you should be taking step by step images when you make your Instructable anyway ;)

Editing Photos

Before you go to make your pin, you should also make sure your photos are edited, if that is something you do. You want them bright, in focus, and all-around appealing.

Jessyratfink has a great Instructable on basic photo editing to get you going.

One last note, when you are making your pin, do not leave the browser! If you do, everything will be lost as you can only save it when you are done.

What is your pinterest ID?? Can you please PM me??
<p>Hey, my Pinterest account is: https://www.pinterest.com/PenolopyBulnick/</p>
Thanks. I Will follow you in pinterest.
I'm talking about how you pinch fingers together to reduce screen size( cell phone) then you expand your fingers to make screen larger. And easier to see. its a feature in all smart phones.
<p>Ah, I'll need to spend more time on the mobile version of Pinterest and see if I can come up with any changes to make this work for that :)</p>
thank you for the info!
<p>You're welcome :)</p>
in my experence Pintrest sizes long pins small to fit space. Very hard to see. Expanding they are fuzzy looking.
<p>I haven't had any issues in the past with them expanding. Do you have an example so I can see what you mean?</p>

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