Im going to show you how you can easily mount a small, handheld flashlight (such as Maglites) to your bike's handlebars, for basically free. I got the idea after seeing a cool hunting bike in a magazine and wanted to make it,  and I might post an instructable on that too. You just need a few household items. Note: This may not work with all reflector mounts.

Step 1: What You Need

Here's what you need:

Front bike reflector mount
Small flashlight
Duct tape, wire, string, something to hold flashlight in place
A philips screwdriver
<p>The flashlight goes perpendicular to the base, not parallel. That is, the handlebar (and the base) goes left to right and the flashlight goes back to front.</p>
Simple L- brackets from your local hardware store and a couple hose clamps work better and wont look so sloppy (no offense).
Thanks for sharing. I think I would use a hose clamp instead of duct tape. Doesn't leave the sticky residue. <br>But a good idea and much cheaper than a commercial product.
I used something similar to mount a light to my bike a while back. I used a pair of mounts for cheap diamondback lights. (first got one, it broke, got a warranty replacement, it was too dim, got a real light). The mounts are designed to be universal fit and I was able to use a mounting screw to connect them together. If I remember I'll upload a picture of my solution. It's uh... duct-tape-free, and that is always a benefit.

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