Picture of Easily Mount A Flashlight To Handlebars
Im going to show you how you can easily mount a small, handheld flashlight (such as Maglites) to your bike's handlebars, for basically free. I got the idea after seeing a cool hunting bike in a magazine and wanted to make it,  and I might post an instructable on that too. You just need a few household items. Note: This may not work with all reflector mounts.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Here's what you need:

Front bike reflector mount
Small flashlight
Duct tape, wire, string, something to hold flashlight in place
A philips screwdriver

Step 2: Removing the Reflector from the Bike

Picture of Removing the Reflector from the Bike
If you don't already know how to do this, unscrew the screw that is nearest to the bar. Once you unscrew it, it should come off and you should keep the screw and nut for later.

Step 3: Remove the Reflector from the Mount

Picture of Remove the Reflector from the Mount
Another very easy step. Unscrew the screw that holds the reflector to the mount. You don't need the screw or reflector, but you do need the mount.

Step 4: Attach the Flashlight to the Mount

Picture of Attach the Flashlight to the Mount
Attach the flashlight so it goes paralllel to the base. Hold in place with duct tape, small rubber bands, string, etc.

Step 5: Mount To the Bike

Picture of Mount To the Bike
Remember the screw and nut we took off earlier? Use those to reattach the reflector mount with the flashlight on the bike. Slightly angle in downwards so you can see the ground in front of you at night. I attached mine on the left bar close to the break. Please post comments or questions below. I'll get the instructable up as soon as I finish the bike.
riddus1 year ago
Simple L- brackets from your local hardware store and a couple hose clamps work better and wont look so sloppy (no offense).
conmac8632 years ago
Thanks for sharing. I think I would use a hose clamp instead of duct tape. Doesn't leave the sticky residue.
But a good idea and much cheaper than a commercial product.
vov352 years ago
I used something similar to mount a light to my bike a while back. I used a pair of mounts for cheap diamondback lights. (first got one, it broke, got a warranty replacement, it was too dim, got a real light). The mounts are designed to be universal fit and I was able to use a mounting screw to connect them together. If I remember I'll upload a picture of my solution. It's uh... duct-tape-free, and that is always a benefit.