This is a simple way to open a bottle of wine using a corkscrew without struggling to get the cork out.

To paraphrase Archimedes, give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will open this %$#(&!!! bottle of wine.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable, you will need the following:

a bottle of wine
a corkscrew

Ideally, you want a corkscrew like the one below. The flappy bit is the important thing.
<p>thank you so so much! Brilliant! Even with two arthritic hands and a rotator cuff injury, I did it, thanks to your spot-on instructions.</p>
Thanks. I was in a hotel the other night, and I was grunting to pull out the darn cork. It really helped a lot, and I am going to buy my own corkscrew.<br />
When i was waiting tables we would hold the bottle in one hand and pull the cork screw with the other. It is way harder than the lever but when its a 100$ bottle of wine plus corkage they dont want the rim of the bottle chipped.
You are my hero. Had I not found this, I'd have been five seconds from smashing the bottle on the counter and licking it up. :P and I'm only half-exaggerating. Thanks again, V.
Another great way is throwing the bottle at the wall, with a tub at the wall so the wine falls in there. Messy, not really good, don't get much wine, but fast and easy. Haha just kidding. Great job!
don't forget the colander to keep the big chunks of glass out
And the small shards fall through. They tickle as you drink it :)
Historical note. This is a waiter's wine opener, and no server working anywhere but MickyD's would be without one. It's the reason waiters don't struggle with wine bottle corks, while we mere mortals do--or we did until rockiesjason set us straight.
I'll have to print this out and give it to my parents. Nice job!
Smart using the device as intended, why people never get this I don't know, then again my mother insists on using a mounted one that always shoves the cork inside the bottle, you can do a nice easy one with a screw and some strong string, you probably know it already, still posting it could be fun.

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