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Introduction: Easily Pay a Cash Toll on a Motorcycle

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Anyone who's tried to pay a cash toll on a motorcycle the same way one does in their car has probably had quite a struggle. The conventionalmethod goes like this:
1. Pull up to toll booth
2. Place left hand on clutch.
3. Shift bike into neutral
4. Remove gloves
5. Remove wallet
6. Pay toll
7. Put wallet away
8. Put on gloves
9. Pull in clutch
10. Shift bike into gear
11. Leave

To eliminate this awkward struggle, I bolted an ordinary binder clip onto the handlebars on my bike using a conduit strap and a 1/4" bolt. My procedure goes as follows:
1. Place exact change for toll in binder clip before riding
2. Pull up to toll booth
3. Hand cashier money with right hand
4. Leave



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    This project makes me grateful about Toll by Plate. Way more convinient.

    I use a couple rare earth magnets and stick the toll to my tank

    I just use an I-Pass (or an EZ-Pass as they call it in other states)
    You don't ever have to stop at tolls and you can just keep on riding. Makes life just a little bit more simpler