Easily adjusting the Volume with Hotkeys (Win 7)

Picture of Easily adjusting the Volume with Hotkeys (Win 7)
Hello there and welcome to my first instructable!
In this instructable I will demonstrate how to adjust the volume with just a hotkey.
I will be doing this in windows 7.

What you will need.

  • Autohotkey [Download Link]
  • A Text Editor. For now since you are just starting with autohotkey the Notepad will do.
This is a very simple app script!

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Step 1: Install Autohotkey

Picture of Install Autohotkey
Now open the downloaded files and install it normally.

Custom or Express doesn't matter. Just Install it.

Step 2: Determine the Hotkey.

Picture of Determine the Hotkey.

Now determine the hokey you want to adjust the volume.
  • Ctrl + ↑ for Volume Up.                        
  • Ctrl + ↓ for Volume Down.
  • Some other Key for Mute.
On second thought lets use Right Control instead of both controls. You see when we use control both keys are added as hotkeys.
The Second Key is Up. So it will be:

RControl & Up

In autohotkey you have to use ampersand(&) between the two key names if you want  a combination hotkey.
If you dont want to use the ampersand you can use the symbols.

# is Windows Key.
+ is Shift Key.
! is Alt Key.
^ is Control Key.
< or > stands for left or right. Not the arrow keys but Left or Right of the above
mentioned keys. ( <^ is Left Control )

List of Keys [link]

So its either:
RControl & Up or <^Up

Note: It doesn't Necessarily have to be two keys. It can be one key. But it will 
be a bother when you do tasks and have to press the key to do something else. 

Step 3: Open the editor.

Picture of Open the editor.
Open your editor. I will be using sciTE4Autohotkey since I use autohotkey pretty often.
If you want to download: [link]

Scite offers special tools and functions and is very easy to use. If you will continue on with scripting with
autohotkey you would definitely want to check it out. 

I use it all the time! :3

javier-cb4 months ago

Thank you!

rowdygirl42011 months ago

I sort of got this to work but if a youtube video is too loud, I have to click on the desktop to be able to use my hotkey. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

ssasi11 year ago
thank you.. it's very usefull :)