Easily check availability of TechShop reservation using google calendars

Picture of Easily check availability of TechShop reservation using google calendars
Hi TechShoppers!

It's great that TechShop has their equipment reservation calendar easily available on line, but it can be quite a headache to, for example, find when the next laser is available in San Jose or Menlo Park.  I found that with a little set up, you can view all the calendars super quickly and easily.  Just watch the video for instructions and you too will soon be posting Instructables that say, "I made it at TechShop"!  

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Step 1: Watch This How-To Video

Just watch this video for how to use this method!  Best watched full-screen HD.

Step 2: TechShop Detroit

Picture of TechShop Detroit
Click on each link below in turn to add the machine to your google calendar.

Step 3: TechShop Austin-Round Rock

Picture of TechShop Austin-Round Rock

Step 4: TechShop Menlo Park

Picture of TechShop Menlo Park

Step 5: TechShop Raleigh-Durham

Step 6: TechShop San Francsico

Picture of TechShop San Francsico

Step 7: TechShop San Jose

Picture of TechShop San Jose
bgerens2 years ago
That was easy! Thanks for the instructable.
bfoz2 years ago
TL;DW Can we get the cliff notes version?
ccrome (author)  bfoz2 years ago
Step 1: watch the video
Step 2: go to your page in this instructable.
Step 3: click on every link on that page.
lime3D2 years ago
Very nice. Thank you for all the work. It is funny that you picked the Detroit Lions logo for the Detroit Techshop. It just so happens, the Lions headquarters and practice facility is literally right next door to Techshop!
ccrome (author)  lime3D2 years ago
Heh, I just had to pick *something*. I just did a google search for each place and picked some random image :-)