Picture of Easily correct annoying spray can lids
I find some spray can lids to be SUPER frustrating to get off, so I finally broke down and said "How can I fix this?!"

Seeing as I don't own any pets and don't have kids, it's not an issue of keeping the lids on for the safety of those who don't know what they are doing with a spray can, so I figure I'm justified in making my life a little easier.

A spray can
A pair of scissors
Ten seconds
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Step 1: Take the lid off

Picture of Take the lid off
Remove lid the hard way - A screwdriver works best but mine was safely guarded by a sleeping sister in the other room, so I had to use what I had laying around - a pair of scissors.

Once the lid is removed, you'll notice a small lip on the inside of the spray can. It is this little lip we are going to focus on.

Simply take the scissors and scrape away a small amount of the plastic around the cap so that the scissors go all the way around the lip of the cap - but careful not to remove it all, because you still want that SNAP of the lid going on and off. We just want to remove enough that the lid is easier to get on and off with your own bare hands.

Step 2: Fini!

Picture of Fini!
Test it out a couple times and remove more plastic if needed, but other than that - it's good to go!

(And now I can get back to making my realistic stone chess set.... wahahahaha!!!)
You rock!!! Thank you thank you!!!!
tomtortoise2 years ago
"Wahahahaha!!!" best line ever said. just don't get carried away :)
Printy (author)  tomtortoise2 years ago
haha! Why thank you, thank you... :D
grannyjones2 years ago
---and to keep the little kiddies safe: store it out of their reach.
(Just a reminder for the boneheads they designed the cap for)
Printy (author)  grannyjones2 years ago
Yes - for sure!
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Thank you angel of mercy! I especially hate Krylon brand lids. This will save me some grief.
Printy (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
Oh good! :) Glad the cure to my frustration can help someone else!