These are some examples of guitars I have painted, using high quality permanent pens. They come in a range of colours and can usually be found in good quality art shops! I use a range of Silvers, blacks, whites and coppers. Scroll to see some examples of things you can do.

Step 1: Provided You Can Get Hold of Some Extremely High Quality Permanent Art Pens...

Step 2: You Will Find That Once On, the Pen 'paint' Can Be Quite Hardy...

Step 3: So If You Avoid the Areas Where the Skin Would Tend to Rest Directly on the Guitar...

Step 4: You Can Create Really Nice Art Pieces to Brighten Up Even the Cheapest of Instruments!

(Note, that top bend on the body of the guitar is the main area to try and leave clear, but if it does fade it can be easily touched up at a later date)

<p>Whoa, this is highly impressive. Just with pens too!</p><p>What kinds of pens do you use, and where do you buy them?</p>
<p>Hi Seamster, this is the type of pant pen I use! Hope you can find some :) </p>
<p>Hi Seamster! </p><p>So I will send a picture of the pens I use when I get home later, I live and work in Hong Kong which is where I get them but I am sure you will be able to pick them up elsewhere! </p>

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