Easily Getting Rid of Dead Spots on Your Lawn, Effortlessly!





Introduction: Easily Getting Rid of Dead Spots on Your Lawn, Effortlessly!

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With one easy and pet safe item, you can get rid of dead brown dry spots on grass caused by pet urine. Read on for the big surprise!

Step 1: Materials

Beer! - it can be hot or cold, fresh or flat. Use a regular beer.
Not light beer, malt liquor or a wine cooler.

Beer has lots of fermented sugars and nutrients. A dead patch will absorb the sugars and nutrients thus helping the soil below. The beer acts as a fertilizer and provides nutrients to new grass growth. The beer will strengthen the grass and neutralize the nitrogen in pet urine. (Woo hoo, science!) Beer eliminates fungi, as well.

Continue on to see how it's done!

Step 2: Here We Go!!!

Use 8 ounces for about a 10 inch spot. Pour beer directly on dry spot.

Give it a week.

Step 3: Follow Up...

Check spot a week later for growth. Add more beer, if needed.

Continue until area is healed.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Green Grass!

That's it!



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    I am going to try this. DO you know how to get rid of deer?

    Love the comments! Lol! I am going to try this. But I am gonna do a mix of something a man on YouTube does. I've got a feeling this boosts the beneficial microbes in the ground and helps the grass recuperate. A little coke, some beer (just some of it!). Leaving out the amononia. He uses this concoction to speed up the compost pile. The beneficial microbes go to town with the barley and sugars. I'm betting this happens with the beer. Thanks for the instructable! I have dead spots all over from our 18 year old dog. Funny thing, I've been routing him to go in a specific spot where weeds are! The urine doesn't seem to affect the frickin' weeds! Go figure! Lol!

    this is a total waste of a good beer. use 1 TB epson salt/1 gal H2O. works just as well but you get to enjoy the beer!

    Simple as that? Looks like my beer bill is about to go up!

    Would it work if I drank the beer and peed on the grass?

    Nope. Tried it. You still have ammonia in you pee that is too strong for the grass. However....if you pee into a container and then leave it for at least 24 hours then you can use it on your grass. The excess ammonia evaporates and then bacteria does the rest!

    I have a great idea for all the cheapos who consider this a waste of beer. Next time you throw a party at your house and your friends leave a bunch of half opened bottles or cans of beer laying around, Just take that beer and pour it around your yard.

    if I drink the beer and wait and hour and then pee on the spot it will have the same effect.

    You have to do this scientifically. Pee on the dead spot, then pee on a healthy spot as a positive control, then pee on the driveway as a negative control. Then of course you should pee on these spots at all your neighbors places so you have more statistical samples. That is the scientific method.

    This is by far the funniest (and most correct) comment I've read all day. Thanks for the laugh Nonobadog.