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This banner says Hoppy Easter a bit corny but cute anyway.
I used a variety of die cuts, markers, beads, pop dots, and imagination, which we all have just tap into yours and see what becomes of it.

Step 1:

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Cut 14 rectangles from white card stock at 5" by 4". cut 14 rectangles from printed paper at 4.5" by 3.5", use a subtle paper so as not to distract from embellishments. The letters are 3" die cuts.  If you dont have a die cut machine most craft stores will cut them for you.

Step 2:

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I used die cuts but punch outs or stickers (there are so many cute stickers) would work just as good. You can even just cut simple shapes by hand.

Step 3:

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Running an ink pad around the edges helps to define the printed paper from the card stock. Then using a tape runner attach paper to card stock leaving a 1/4" border. Don't use glue it tends to wrinkle the paper. You can use glue for the embellishments. Then attach letters to center of card.

Step 4:

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I like using foam pop dots to give certain elements dimension. If you want the same effect with stickers apply the pop dot then brush the back of sticker with baby powder or cornstarch. 

Step 5:

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In order to make a flat flower dimensional first cut where the line shows. 

Step 6:

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Overlap the petals that were cut apart and glue.

Step 7:

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Bend back petals and glue a half bead in center. Now just add leaves or a stem or just use as is.

Step 8:

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Eggs cut from white card stock can be decorated with simple dots and stripes. I "hid" the eggs throughout the banner.

Step 9:

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Use a hole punch on the top corners of each card. Choose a ribbon or string or yarn. make sure to cut enough to thread through all cards and still have some for tying banner to wall, I used 80". To make it easier to thread wrap some tape on the end of ribbon.

Step 10:

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Thread ribbon through holes as shown.

Step 11:

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Leave enough space so that cards don't overlap. There should be about 10" on both ends to tie up banner.
Now hang banner and enjoy.


adakingyang (author)2014-04-25

Very cute. I love them.

We are mufacturing and exporting custom dies in China, All your designs above can be made into custom dies. Should you have interest, please cotanct me.

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