Hi and welcome to a new year of Instructables.

Easter is creeping up very quickly, I decided to create a D.I.Y Easter basket made out of chocolate because In New Zealand Easter eggs are very expensive when i like to buy for my parents and brother. An Easter egg here in a pack is priced at $13 dollars NZ and i have constructed this basket to be around $10 dollars NZ which gives more chocolate.

This Instructable is a cheap gift for friends and family that you want to appreciate.

Note: I purchased everything on special, so it was cheaper. I spent $40 dollars NZ for 8 big chocolate bars, 8 Kit-Kat bars, 4 Kinder chocolate, 12 piece M&M's, 12 piece mini Mentos and a pack of Fruit Bursts. This allows me to create 4 baskets with an even amount of goodies in them :)

I hope you enjoy this Instructable :)

Step 1: Equipment

What you will need:

  1. 2x Chocolate bars (family size)
  2. 2x Kitkat bars
  3. 3x M&M small packets (I know these might not be available everywhere, so you put M&M's into see through bags)
  4. 3x small Mento's
  5. 1x Kinder chocolate
  6. 5x Fruit Bursts
  7. Cello-tape
  8. Scissors
  9. Black card or Black paper
  10. Tissue paper (white or Easter colors)
  • If you need any clarification of chocolate please look at photo to get an idea of sizing

Please note that you are not limited to use products you can add more or less depending on everyone's health reasons.

Great for any occasion! Love it!

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