Easter Egg Drying Rack





Introduction: Easter Egg Drying Rack

This is the method my mum and I used this year to dry our Easter eggs without leaving marks on them.  This works best with hollowed-out eggshells wherein one hole is smaller than the other, but you can use it with hard-boiled eggs with a little modification.

Special thanks to my mum for being the hand model.

You will need:

- wire that is thick enough to hold its shape, but thin enough to fit through one of the holes in the shell
- pliers and wire cutters
- a piece of cardboard
- masking tape

Alternatively, you can use long, thin nails instead of the wire.

Cut pieces of wire about 4 inches long.  Make a loop in one end, then bend the loop 90 degrees (see pictures).  Poke the wire through the cardboard, and use masking tape to secure the loop to the back of the cardboard so the wire doesn't lean or wiggle.  Repeat with as many wires as you have eggs.  Slide each wet egg onto the wire, larger hole down.  The smaller hole on top will prevent the egg from sliding down to the cardboard.

If you are using hard-boiled eggs, make a whole bunch of wires closer together (or use nails if you have ones long enough) and gently rest the eggs on them, like a bed of nails.

For those curious, to marbleize our eggs we followed a tutorial from Martha Stewart: http://www.marthastewart.com/264622/marbleized-easter-eggs



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