Step 16: Underside View of Collapse

? I tried
greate instructable... would love to get the Adobe Illustrator file... THANK YOU!
How clever!<br />
i tried this and it was hard at first but turned out ok the only edit i would suggests is in step 12 where you say to twist it shut clockwise. now a may have done mine wrong but one of my sides twisted counter clockwise so the initial collapsing was confusing but otherwise great job.
pineapplenewton you were right and wrong...as was I. One side is clockwise the other counterclockwise. Thanks for identifying that:) I would never have realized the mistake and I'm sure it would frustrate people
Thanks Cartermarquis. Two things did you use regular thin paper? If so making the second collapse is hard. Second I certainly didn't photograph my first one of these (these are my second and third respectively) for good reason:)
Yeah i used cheap colored paper, which i've found to have an inconsistent thickness, to the point where it feels like printer paper, and sometimes like thin construction paper. Its awful stuff.
Looks legit. I'll probably try this out tonight.
Ugh, folding the second side was tough for me. Mine also doesn't look as awesome as yours, but that's to be expected. Good Job!

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