Step 8: Add the Wings

The Bee's wings are made of wax paper. I just cut out a little shape without figuring out how big or small they should be(e).
It was all about the fun, so this instructable is not as accurate as some other of my instructables.
Only thing, a bee needs wings.

Aaah, I almost forgot. I used a drop of superglue to attach the wings to the Bee. I'll check whether or not this will have an impact on the egg's content before I eat it.

The second picture shows the finished Bee and Anna's and my Lady Bugs.
Great tutorial, but just a little tip: I used colored Sharpies on my eggs a few years ago, and the Sharpie soaked through to the egg itself, and they tasted AWFUL. We ended up having to throw the entire batch out, so I would steer clear of using Sharpies on food items.
Thanks for the tip. I'll see what happens once I peel the first "Sharpie"-egg. Anna used food-save water colors and markers for her eggs.
Thanks for the warning on sharpies oneprimalscream. What should one use to paint on eggs? I ask this because believe it or not, the egg shell is porous, so therefore it breathes.Vegetable dyes are fine, so I guess one could use them like water paints.
very artistic! We are going to do this for sure!
That is super cute!

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