Step 3: Wrap The Eggs With Onion Skins

Picture of Wrap The Eggs With Onion Skins
Wrap onion skins around each egg. If you are lucky, you'll have skins from the top or the bottom of an onion. These naturally conform to the shape of the egg. If not, just make sure you cover the entire surface of each egg with pieces of onion skin. The water should help the skins cling to the eggs.
s300pmu19 years ago
the "зÑ?ешÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?" in the above post was to stand for "patience" =)
s300pmu19 years ago
An alternative method is popular in Russia, which allows for various designs to be imprinted on the egg. To do this: 1. onion skins are not wrapped around an egg, but boiled separately; 2. small leaves of various plants are gathered; parsley may render good results, for example; 3. gauze or similar cloth is used for wrapping. Firstly, it is spread square on a surface of the table, just like shown on the original picture on this page; Secondly, the small leaves are placed on it to form some sort of a design, you can even write short words if you use e.g. lawn grass or similar, if you are precise enough; thirdly, the egg is placed in the middle of the gauze and it is carefully tied around it like on the next picture ("Wrap in cloth"). Here, a lot of зфешутсу is required, along with dexterity, not to let the leaves move too much while tightening the cloth; 4. Finally, when you have a bunch of eggs ready wrapped, put them in the boiling water with the onion skins for some time (best determined by trial and error). With some trial runs, you can produce really artistic designs. Traditional Russian designs often include a cross and other religious themes. Furthermore, eggs painted by this method remain edible for quite some time (as they are cooked while being painted, and perhaps the onion color acts as a sort of preservative). You are free to try, I am selling this "AS IS" - but me personally, I ate one after several months (>2) and it was quite all right. Freshly coloured eggs acquire particular taste shades which are rather delicious. If an egg cracks slightly when cooked, the color also reaches its inside and it looks really cool )