Step 9: The Finished Eggs

Picture of The Finished Eggs
There you have it. Use your Easter eggs as decorations for a few days, then crack, peel, & eat 'em. (Ever since I was a little kid, I always crack my hard boiled eggs against my forehead!)

When you peel the eggs, you'll notice that some of the colour has bled through the shell and has coloured the egg white. Don't worry, they are still perfectly safe to eat - more than I'd dare say about eggs coloured with artificial dyes. Despite the colour transfer onto the egg whites, there is no onion taste to the eggs.

Incidentally, I have tried using red onion skins for this as well, hoping to get red coloured eggs. Didn't get any red eggs though. Those eggs looked the same as the eggs I made with brown onion skins. Go figure.
this is very inventive and intersting, you're right it does look far more classy than the crayon colors that most of us associate with easter.  thanks for posting, i'm excited to give this one a shot
I remember my mother making pickled eggs with beet juice. The whole egg--inside and out--turned a bright pinkish red. I loved those as a kid! There is a recipe here if you're interested:  allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pickled-Red-Beet-Eggs/Detail.aspx 

Joey7026 years ago
That's actually kind of depressing that the eggs don't retain an onion-y taste... it would be perfect for making omelets! Haha, but I very much want to try this! It looks very classy.
hard to make an omelet with a  Hard boiled egg.
 ... D'OH.

fpeelo6 years ago
My grandmother used to colour eggs this way. Then, when we'd visit for dinner, we'd play "smack-eggs" to get started. Each child would take turns smacking their egg off that of another child. Just hard enough to crack them -- and it's another reason why they have to be hard-boiled! The winner is the one who cracks the most eggs before theirs is cracked. Did I say "child"? My father played too. The quickness of the hand deceives the eye -- when only one egg remained uncracked, the could defeat the champion by rotating his hand so that the champion's egg was hit by his wedding ring rather than his egg! Did it fast so no-one noticed. So everyone's eggs were opened and we could eat them.
ed1claudia7 years ago
This is a very cool and different way to color your eggs for Easter, however it is NOT, NOT, NOT safe to eat eggs several days after boiling. This is a protein and even boiled eggs should not be left out more than a couple of hours if you are planning to eat them. They must be refrigerated if they are going to be consumed. Every year there are always articles in the media telling you NOT to eat left out boiled eggs.
TVarmy8 years ago
Perhaps if you boiled the red eggs in a vinegar solution, that would help preserve the color? I believe red vegetable's color is reinforced by acid, and destroyed by bases?
these are gorgeous....I'm going to give it a go....thanks!!