Easter Garland




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Introduction: Easter Garland

A fun and easy Easter decoration. The kids can help!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

1. Yarn

2. Patterned Paper

3. Glue

4. Scissors or die cutting machine (I used a Cricut)

Step 2: Making the Shapes

Cut egg shapes and flower shapes from multiple sheets of patterned paper at about 1.5". I used a Cricut along with the Picturesque cartridge. This can easily be done by hand and scissors as well, but I would suggest creating a template and tracing the shapes on your patterned paper to ensure that they are all equal in shape and size.

Step 3:

Fold all of the egg shapes in half lengthwise, then glue the sides of three eggs together around your yarn to create a more 3d shape.

Next, glue two flowers together with the yarn running through the middle.

Continue in the egg, flower, egg, flower pattern until you reach the desired length of garland.

Step 4:

Hang your garland as desired. I hung mine down the wall and along a staircase.



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