Easter Prank: Where DO peeps come from?

Step 3: Peep the Eggs

When the eggs are fully dry, take a small piece of tape. Using the ice pick, or a Popsicle stick place the tape inside the egg against the top hole. Again, if you're not eating the peep, you don't have to be too picky. If you are, you want a good seal so that whatever you use to hide the hole does not leak into the egg.

Enlarge the bottom hole just enough to get the peep in. I'd suggest between the size of a dime and nickel for the first one, then play it by ear. Remember the peep is springy - you're going to compress it as you put it in. Be vary careful around the edges of the hole - they flake easily. If you paint the inside of the egg with white glue, it will be stronger. I have not tried this.

Gently roll the peep between your hands. You want to compress it slightly, without knocking off the sugar or permanently distorting it.

Carefully feed the peep into the egg, pinching each bit before it goes through the hole. A friend suggested putting tape around the outside of the hole while stuffing, then removing it afterwards. I have not tried this.

When the peep is completely in the egg (by the second or third egg :-) ), cut a small strip of index card and feed it into the hole. Using the ice pick, position it so it covers as much of the hole as practical. It will provide backing for the camouflage on the bottom of the egg.

Using your spackley stuff, fill the top hole of the eggs. It's better to have a little too much than too little, but way too much is worse. Read that sentence until it makes sense.

Set the eggs aside. Go have a glass of orange juice and practice deep breathing - you were holding your breath for most of this step.

When the top hole is dry, fill the bottom hole. Get it as close a possible, but it doesn't have to be perfect - that's where the misdirection comes in.

When the top and bottom are dry, remove the excess spackley stuff. When I use spackle, I wet my finger and lightly rub the area. Don't take off too much at any one time - repeat the process as necessary.