Step 5: Epilogue

A friend suggested filling a painted egg with jelly beans or malted milk eggs.

A few peeps go a long way. Each of my boys wants his own box of every kind of peep the store has. Then they eat about two peeps a day until they get crunchy.

Sorry for the stock pix. This is pretty messy, and my wife is picky about "her" camera.

To those of you complaining about my spelling, incorrect homonyms (to, too). Lighten up go read W.F. Buckley or H.L. Mencken if you want to worship the English language. (Pedants are like that).

If the fact that I use "carefully" and "gently" 50 times on every step bothers you, try the Instructable and it will make sense.

Be nice.

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<p>ok, cool idea and all and i bet the kids love it but if you eat the peep, couldnt you get salmonella since you arent actually getting ALL of the raw egg out of the shell? (only what &quot;ploops&quot; out)?</p>
As men do like to burn things, a suggestion for your "crunchy" peeps. They make the most delicious treat when roasted over fire aka marshmallows on sticks. I hate peeps too, but they are scrumptious that way!
Option 2: You can put two of the "crunchy" peeps into a microwave about 3 inches away from each other and about 5 inches away from the walls of the microwave. You can then stick a toothpick into each of the peeps, making sure to leave about an inch of toothpick sticking out of each peep. turn on your microwave for about 1 minute. For those of us who know about the affects of microwaves on microscopic air bubbles (such as those found in marshmallows) then you know that microwaving peeps will cause them to expand 5 fold. The first peep to stab the other with it's toothpick wins. Tada!!! Peep Jousting!
My kids loved the idea. They are all preteen and up so it was great fun. I was also able to teach a principle in our home school and they did not know they were learning. thanks for the fantastic afternoon with my kids.
mwuahahahahaha! ; )<br /> <br /> An eggcellent instructable too<br />
Peep torture!!!!!!!&nbsp;I'm calling PETA. :)<br />
I personally love them when they are stale! YUM!
you can also go kinder style and make it into a egg shaped chocolate
I have seen those for sale in Alabama last Easter!
Mmmmmm look at all the marshmellowy goodness.
sweet. I'm totally doing this to my cousins!
As I'm currently observing at a clinic far away from my college friends this semester, the days leading up to the first of April have been nothing short of torture, as I was accustomed to pulling plenty of pranks in their midst. Searching high and low for a trick that could be made at home and then mailed through the postal system without causing suspicion (or a bomb threat, at worst), I thought I wouldn't find anything in time for the occasion. However, thanks to you, this will not be the case. :D
I did this when I went camping with my scout troop. My friends sister, her firend, and my friends mom were in the cabin. i told them we were having an egg fight and they should come out. I pulled out the egg yelled think fast and whipped it at the girls. you should have seen their faces when the peep popped out of the smashed egg. Priceless.
Awesome! My mom got some peeps that look like flat little frogs and cows (who thinks of this stuff?) I'll have to try this next easter.
I don't get it...
+1 points. This is a very original prank. Using that spackle stuff is a great idea.
Super cool idea. I hate Peeps, I will try mine with jelly beans. Thanks!
sounds amazing - i cant wait to try this one! i would love it if you could add some pictures to the steps though, i would like to see how big the hole is and so on.

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